Faith, Friends and Writing

Faith, Friends and Writing

On this life journey we need friends. Here too friends make the difference. Some visit, leave kind comments, others send messages/emails just to say they care. Yet there are others who want to contribute through sharing inspiration and hope messages.

I am so happy to have two of such friends who would be joining us here!

Amanda Brandon and Betty Predmore. Read More about my lovely friends HERE

  Amanda Brandon


Hoot! Hoot! There is room for more friends at the Grace Table. Do you have Faith-filled words of Hope To Serve with our growing community? 

Would you like to join us?  Read Here You are more than welcome to Sign Up to have the Best of these devotionals sent directly to your inbox!

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  • I am excited to read the new thoughts of these beautiful ladies, sharing their words here! Blessings to you all!

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