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Day 28 Thankful for my Husband

Bible Reading Proverbs 31:23

I am thankful for my home 🏡
I’m thankful for my dear hubby, Obiora.
It’s not everyday we see posts that celebrate good men. Today, I make a conscious  effort to say thank God for my husband, Obiora.

Gratitude is in the little things.
I’m grateful for love, laughter, highs and lows.
I’m grateful for every moment we spend just looking each other in the face.

I’m grateful for tears, smiles, hopes, joys, victories, praying 🙏 all the moments that weave the fabric of our married life.

Values and blessings we take as normal may very well be scarce or non existent in other places.

So today, I’m deeply grateful for my hubby.
This 30 Days of Gratitude has been an intentional count of non material possessions, a count of values, intangible blessings both in human form or expressed in actions.

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