Bible Study Devotions

Day 21- Thankful for Community

Bible reading: Acts 9:36-43
I attended a soccer game. Supporters cheered and jumped. Danced and hollered. Our team won. I walked home with a lesson I will never forget.
Motivation breeds confidence. The team went from a draw to a slap down win.

If we motivate and cheer others on with such remarkable results, what will it look like when you know God is encouraging you? Every time we open the pages of the scriptures we draw confidence to face our giants. We rise from the place of courage.

Friends are not easy to come by. Good friends are rare. Family is precious. We don’t get to choose members of the family we are born into.

I’m grateful for the people in my life both by blood and by fellowship
I’m thankful for the encouragement I draw from these special people.
May I never forget how much it took for me to actual be here.

As I think of Dorcas and the community of believers that surrounded her death bed. I think of the cries of pain heaven heard that dull day. Peter prayed for the dead woman.

The community stood still for this woman.
They stood still in intercessory prayer.
There was so much love poured out as they knocked heaven’s doors.
Anyone could tell from these few verses that it was about love.
There’s power in a praying loving community. The church continually prayed for Peter’s freedom Acts 12:5.
I am thankful for the community of believers that pray and stand in the gap for us.
I know someone is praying for me.
Are you a part of a community of believers?
God knows how important a loving fellowship of believers is. God also knows we need godly friends to help us thrive in this world.

Prayer Prompt: Thank God for the Community of faith

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