Day 19 Thankful for Faith

Day 19 Thankful for Faith

Bible Reading: Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see Hebrews 11:1

To believe in God is a risk of your human trust. Because like doubting Thomas some want their sight to behold before they believe.
Faith is just the opposite.

Faith is an invitation to look beyond yourself for help.
Faith is not a self-help ideology.
It has nothing to do with “self”.
Instead, it is an acceptance that you need divine assistance.
To have faith is you depending on the unseen for absolute miracle.
For those who do not believe, the beauty and power of the unseen eludes them while being a very real part of our existence.
I’m thankful for Faith in Christ and the hope assured.
What a misery if life was only but all we see.
I’m thankful for the faith that dwells in my heart. That reminds me that God is more real than all the eye can ever behold.

Prayer Prompt Lord keep my heart dependent on you. Keep me trusting you and walking in confidence because you never fail those who trust in you.

NB. I share some short encouragement on Instagram reels. I have been finding those interesting lately. If you are on Instagram, feel free to join the community @purposefulandmeaningful

Get ready for Advent!

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I wrote a lovely family devotional alongside my friend Bettie Gilbert, A Christmas For Us; 25 Family Devotions

And “A Wonderful Christmas” is an interesting devotional based on Isaiah 53  

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