Day 13- Thankful God Is Mindful of Me

Day 13- Thankful God Is Mindful of Me

Thankful God is mindful of me

Bible Reading: Psalm 115:12

There is no doubt God will bless His children.

Whether or not we feel His presence, God is mindful of His children. There are situations that may cause you to wonder if God sees what you are going through. believe me, He very well knows the details of your life.

How do I know? He said so.

The hairs on your head are numbered and are known to Him Luke 12:7.

If He calls every star by name, most certainly, human affairs are before His eyes. Psalm 147:4

He is mindful of every detail of our lives.

I am thankful God is mindful of me.

Need I say more?

Prayer prompt: make a list of small moments you’ve enjoyed God’s unusual attention to a need in your life. Thank God for each of those victories you have enjoyed.

NB. I share some short encouragement on Instagram reels. I have been finding those interesting lately. If you are on Instagram, feel free to join the community @purposefulandmeaningful

Get ready for Advent!

Visit the store to grab a Christmas Devotional of your choice. We have 7 Day Prayer Devotional for Advent.

I wrote a lovely family devotional alongside my friend Bettie Gilbert, A Christmas For Us; 25 Family Devotions

And “A Wonderful Christmas” is an interesting devotional based on Isaiah 53  

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