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New Women Bible Study: Cultivating Faith-filled Friendships

I didn’t understand the reason for her unrestrained and persistent concern for the friends I had. I thought it was my choice who I let in. But I was wrong!

Thankfully, my mom was looking out for me.

Everything from acquaintances to friendships and more advanced relationships impact not only us but those around, directly or indirectly.

As the years rolled by, I understood how much friendships can impact lives

In many settings, the true essence of friendship is eroded. Instead, what we see is unhealthy competitions, rivalry, betrayal, backstab, gossip, lies, undercutting, broken promises, soured business relationships, broken marriages, even murder and suicide to mention a few.

When hearts are turned away, bonds break.

Cultivating Faithfilled Friendship Women Bible Study

Friendship has got everything to do with it. The fundamentals of every relationship begin with friendship. All our advanced and more committed relationships start with getting to know someone.

When someone opens their heart to let you in, they do so with a level of trust. They welcome you and let you some space in their hearts. These bonds are built on friendship, trust and value for the other person.

Can we be friends?

👉 How to identify toxic relationships and what to do

👉Who really is your friend and building friendship bonds that last.

👉How be an authentic friend and make a difference.

👉Discover how powerful friendship can be in this New Bible Study.

Learn the Biblical principles of building faith-filled friendships from loads of examples.

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The best way to learn what a true friendship looks like is from Word. In this study, we will discover answers to the questions and more. This interactive study will help you self reflect and evaluate the quality of the bonds you keep.

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By His Great Grace, Ifeoma Samuel

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