Does Friendship have to be so complicated?
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Does Friendship have to be so complicated?

I needed one compelling reason to wave goodbye to that friend. Deep down I knew our principles didn’t align but I was willing to hold on to it. Why? Perhaps it was fear, or was it the thoughts of how much memories and ties we have had together?

Not until her actions confronted me with the question and gave me my much needed basis. That morning, I walked in and out of every room. Desperately trying to remember the reason I chose to hold tightly to the tiniest fibre of our friendship in the first place. On one hand my faith, conscience and peace on the other was a dear friend hanging on a balance…

“Why am I sticking around with this person?”

I couldn’t come up with a justifiable excuse to remain in a seemingly suffocating position. Stay with me a while….

There is a reason it is called friendship.

You have common grounds.

You have close enough principles.

You respect each other and you share common values.

You are humble enough to tell each other the truth to their face and humble to accept and encourage one another. 

Most of all, you love God deeply.

When either party feels these are lacking the bond begins to dwindle. Personally, I always thought friendship among us girls is “complicated”. May be its our emotions or our hormones or it is just a girl thing *rolling my eyes right now*. Here’s the Bitter Truth, Genesis 3

Since the fall of man, everything is complicated! The first ever friendship, God and Mankind, was compromised.

When Eve decided to listen to someone outside her God-given circle, deception, lies, manipulation, loss of God-given position and heritage, you name it, followed her poor decision….now we have to fight back the enemy with every ounce of the Blood of Jesus.

Can I be honest with you? I don’t like complicated… it doesn’t go down well. Yes is yes. No is no. In betweens are confusing. And drama? Not my thing at all!

The reality, if you have to live in this world and be human, then you brace up to meet a few hiccups and bumps on the way. Some come with warning signs others bump right in your face. Tough huh?

God is interested in the friends we keep and who we let into our lives. He wants us to choose our friends with caution. Too many of us have been wounded by those we trusted.

Now what if we learnt about friendship God’s own way?

No I don’t have all the answers, but I am willing to share what lessons I am learning. I would love for you to join us.

In many places in the scriptures there are guideposts to help us learn about the friendships. Sign up for this study below

Do you know what works for you?

Friendship among us girls truly works when it is founded on godly grounds. And we arm ourselves with the Word.

I don’t know your own experiences with friendship, but there are still good friends and sometimes we find them in odd places, we just have to look close enough. That is what makes study close to my heart.

As we begin our Bible Study, I pray earnestly that it is a blessing to your relationships as we learn beside each other under the Master’s feet. I pray the Lord grant you healing in bruised places and hope to connect with others in love that He gives us in Jesus name. Amen

Ponder a while on your relationships with your besties. Download your free journal page for this study HERE and answer the question below. What common values exist between you and your besties?


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