Faith, Friends and Writing

Amanda Brandon | September 11, 2017

On this life journey we need friends. Here too friends make the difference. Some visit, leave kind comments, others send messages/emails just to say they care. Yet there are others who want to contribute through sharing inspiration and hope messages……

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For Those Whose Fathers Failed by Alicia Ruggieri

IFEOMA SAMUEL | July 25, 2016

We are once again blessed by the presence of our long time friend Alicia Ruggieri from ABrighter Destiny. She is a seasoned Christian Fictional Novels Writer. I love her stories and they safe, whole and filled with lessons.    Alicia…..

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How To Trust God In Grief by Anna Smit

IFEOMA SAMUEL | July 18, 2016

I have a special friend, Anna Smit, who has gone through a lot surviving Posttraumatic stress, stuggled as a caregiver and learnt to trust God through grief. I admire her strenght and courage. Today she shares bits of her story…..

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“How Artwork and a Quilt Became a Devotional Book” By Beth Willis Miller

IFEOMA SAMUEL | July 4, 2016

 I am happy to introduce Beth Willis Miller. I have followed her for over a year now reading her blog and encouragement she shares.  Beth writes… In the past year, I have been drawn to incorporate beautiful artwork as a…..

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When Life Hangs on a Balance: Surviving Cancer

IFEOMA SAMUEL | February 25, 2016

“I want life, more life and more life”.  I watched my friend go through the devastation, battles, tests, chemotherapy and of course lots of prayers too. It wasn’t long she became distant and resolved to fate that maybe this was it…..

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Taking Out Dirt in the Secret Place of Your Heart

IFEOMA SAMUEL | February 15, 2016

I cleaned and scrubbed as it is my manner on most weekends but this weekend was by far different. There were hidden crevices and corners that I would normally overlook but on that day, I chose to go beyond my normal…..

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5 Qualities for Effectively Leading Women Bible Groups by Stephane

IFEOMA SAMUEL | February 3, 2016

What readily comes to mind when you think about “a good leader”? For many of us it is someone who is confident and strong, wise and knowledgeable. Someone you would gladly fight behind. As a small business owner and a…..

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Looking Fear in the Face by Dawn Klinge

IFEOMA SAMUEL | January 28, 2016

Hello friends, today I have the honor of hosting my sweet blogging friend, Dawn Klinge from Above the Waves who recently published her book “Look to Jesus:How to Let go of Worry and Trust God” available on Kindle and Paperback. Dawn…..

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5 Ways to Have an Authentic Life

IFEOMA SAMUEL | January 26, 2016

I remember sitting on the couch and watching the movie, “mean girls”. I wondered if things could get that bad in the girlie-hood.How wrong I was, things could get pretty worse these days.Recently, I watched my friend’s daughter become a…..

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For the Woman Who Feels Overwhelmed and Outnumbered

IFEOMA SAMUEL | January 25, 2016

By now most of us have written our yearly goals. But one of the places we suffer defeat in our resolutions and yearly goals is the when we feel overwhelmed and outnumbered them. It is a trap we ought to avoid……

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When Your Little is More Than Enough

IFEOMA SAMUEL | January 22, 2016

My Sunday school kids were preparing for a presentation at church. My plate was full, I wasn’t making Sunday services. My studies had taken another turn; more work load, more deadlines, more demands apart from family obligations. There were lots…..

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Ultimate 30 While in Your 30’s Checklist

IFEOMA SAMUEL | January 18, 2016

Turning 30 or in your 30’s and have read a lot of ‘before 30 bucket list’? How does that feel? Mixed emotions? Interesting that it means a lot to us approaching 30 or in our 30’s. If you’re like me,…..

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