Busy Woman’s Bible Study Method: How To Use the RAP Bible Study
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Busy Woman’s Bible Study Method: How To Use the RAP Bible Study

Times have changed we have more women working whether from their homes or offices or on the field. To add to this is, pressures from family demands, parenting responsibilities, marital duties, community and church obligations.

The punch line ….Women are busy. 

I have gone from stay-at-home momma to working-mom to the student-mom to work-from-home mom in no particular order.

But one thing resonates with us all, life comes in seasons. And those seasons come with challenges and changes that affect our personal lives and decisions including Bible Study time!

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Therefore each life season demands that we prepare ourselves accordingly so we can thrive in every season. You see, you are not alone in your struggles. Some other woman is going through it or has gone through it. Watch Video

Why I designed the R.A.P Bible Study Method?

A few years ago, I was invited to speak at a women’s conference in South Africa. During meetings like this, I like to discuss and engage with attendees from one momma heart to another. That way everyone connects at a meaningful level .

The women were hungry for the Word. They each wanted to grow deeper in faith but something was lacking. It is one thing to read, yet another to understand and apply the Word to your everyday. They all had thriving busy lifestyle, busy mamas, or working women so time was not a luxury.

Most of the women expressed their struggles with effective Bible Study. Then I gave them a 10 minutes challenge. They took it. We tracked the time and at the end of the 10 minutes none wanted to stop. They got into the Word quite alright but the focus one verse at a time. The joys and fufilment was contagious.

I love to see women grow and flourish in God’s Word. Do you find it difficult getting into the Word, take the challenge today!

>>TAKE the Challenge<<

 Who is the R.A.P Study Method for?

This Study will help everyone who

Is in a Busy season of life with tight schedule and fringe hours

Wants to get into the Word one verse or topic at a time

Is a Bible Study Beginner

Is easily distracted and longs for a focused Bible study

Gets tired or bored of merely reading long texts

Download Your Free R.A.P Bible Study Journal Template

How To Use the R.A.P Study Method

The R.A.P Bible Study Method will help you slowly get deep into the Word and maximize your time.

Here’ s everyyhing you need to know about how to use this study method. Save the Infographic on Pinterest or right click image below Download

A Bible Study Method For Beginners and Busy Women:
How To Use The R.A.P Bible Study Method.

#RAPBibleStudy #BibleStudy

Join other women grow in the word. There are so many useful videos in this Improve Your Bible Study Free Video Course. Subscribe to the YouTube channel HERE. Have access to these resources and guess what? They are free!

Don’t forget to Download Your Free R.A.P Bible Study Journal Template . There’s much more coming in this Bible Study Course. Looking for an In-depth Bible Study Method? I’ve got you covered, make sure you are Subscribed to the Channel and keep your eyes for the next video!

By His Great Grace,

Ifeoma Samuel

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