Are You Home-Ready?

Are You Home-Ready?

I have been overwhelmed with my recent travel. I
went over to my homeland-Nigeria with my daughter. It has been over four years
and I have not been home. 
I understand that home can feel so far and so near a times but our excitement overrode all the hassles we faced at the checking and
immigration points.
We had fully packed suitcases, took lots of
photos, waved goodbye to friends and family here and we more excited to rejoin
friends and family here in Nigeria.   
As I reclined my chair a bit, I took time to do some reflection just before the we ascended the air. I thought of how
glorious it will be when we go to our home up there in heaven. 

The distractions and delays we had faced at the airport can be likened to
the pressures we face. We are often pulled in different directions and are likely to lose focus when we don’t remember what lies ahead!

Our glorious home in heaven is priceless and
nothing on earth can be compared with it. 
Bible Reading: I Thessalonians 4:14 – 18 (click to read)

As we await the Lord’s return it is
needful that we live a life ready and prepared knowing that we cannot tell when
it will be but we know it is very soon more than we expect.

What joy it shall be when we go home!
What wonder it will be praising the Lord with countless other
Oh what joy it shall be!
Are you packed ready for home?

As strangers and pilgrims our journey will soon come to an end and our destination is sure if we prepare our hearts and our ways for the Lord.

As we were welcomed back home, in between fighting back tears, excitement and laughter, I resolved in my heart that it is not about going home alone, IT IS ABOUT FINISHING WELL!

The welcome my daughter and I received can never be compared with the welcome the countless angels and other saints will give us when we arrive at our heavenly home.

Can you picture that?
Let us not live as those whose home is on earth. 
Let us always
remember we are strangers and pilgrims and have a place we call home.

Dearly beloved, I beseech you
as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the
1 Peter 2:11
Are you going through afflictions in this world?

Are you desirous of a breakthrough?

Be encouraged friend our heavenly home awaits us.
Nothing we see should move us because we know where we are going and we trust
in Him who knows the way He leads us.
By His Great grace,
Ifeoma Samuel
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to visit. 

It may take a little while but I will get to your blog and respond
here too! Thanks for your understanding and I appreciate your kindest comments
thus far☺

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  • Amen, my friend! Hope you had a wonderful time visiting home and family! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂

  • I hope you've enjoyed a wonderful time at home, and what a beautiful analogy. Yes, what a homecoming that will be and you painted it so beautifully. Thank you for this! God bless you my friend!

  • Ifeoma, I'm so glad to hear you were able to visit with your family. This September will be 3 years since I've been home. I'm praying the Lord allows us to visit this year. These words are beautiful! I am so thankful my bags are packed and ready. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

    • Oh my mine is over 4 years! Thank God I'm home Lori.
      God Bless

  • This is beautiful! Have you heard the song by Cindy Morgan, called "I Will Be Free"? She talks about running into the arms of Jesus, the arms that set me free! Thank you for your post and causing me to think about my real home!

    • Thank you Valerie. I have not heard Cindy's song but thanks for letting me know about it.
      God Bless

  • Wishing you safe travels. What a beautiful picture you paint of our journey to our eternal home. Thank you for the reminder that current struggles are only temporary, and that because of who Christ is, we have an incredible future in store–this reminder is a wonderful way to start this day!

  • Ifeoma,
    So glad you have had the opportunity to return to your earthly home. But, you are so right…nothing will compare to being welcomed to our Heavenly Home by an angels' chorus. How I long to be in the throngs when every knee shall bow! Knowing I have this before me keeps me pressing on and persevering through the hard times. Thanks for this needed reminder today..

    • Hello Bev, I am delighted to have you over…
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      God Bless

  • No need to reply to me, as most of us don't see your reply unless we return to see if you replied. Hummm. I am so very happy you could go with your daughter "Home" to Nigeria. What a blessing to reflect on the greeters that await us when we truly arrive Home in Heaven (one of these days.) Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

    • Hi Aunt Hazel, good problem there!
      But I think I would have to put up a note that if you wish to get response check the notify me button in the comment form..
      Thanks for the heads up
      Home is *sweet*

  • Ifeoma, no need to reply to me : ) I know we'll stay in touch! So glad to hear of your travels and praying they go well. Thanks for these insights into heading home to heaven! I love to think about that too, having a nomadic heart myself. Home is precious, and a forever home is even more so!

    • Hi Bethany, thanks for your understanding but I will do, friend. It makes me happy visiting my blogging friends too.

      Thanks and God Bless

  • It sounds exciting. Enjoy your travels…May each experience be a blessing for you and your daughter…

  • Enjoy your travels with your daughter! I hope you will have many opportunities to share the love of Christ!

    • Amen! I have been around such these last few weeks, Amanda.
      God Bless

  • So excited you get to travel home! Have a great trip!

    The older I get and the darker this world becomes I am so ready to head home!

    • 9 years ago

    Love that: "It is not about going home…it is about finishing well!" I recently experienced an "aha!" moment like that when I went "home" for my dad's funeral. Death-in-your-face gives you a different perspective on life, doesn't it?!
    Hope you have a wonderful trip – what a privilege and joy to have your daughter with you!

    • Yes Pat, finishing well is very important.
      Blessings to you

  • Oh Ifeoma … I am so excited for you to travel back home, to your roots, to your family. And that your daughter joins you on your journey is simply wonderful.

    Enjoy and savor every minute to the full, friend …

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