Anger: When We Want Justice and Fairness
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Anger: When We Want Justice and Fairness

How should we respond to injustice and oppresion?

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Key Scripture

Genesis 29, 30, 31, and 34, 1 Samuel 25

Devotional Insight: We all want justice. We want to be treated fairly and with respect. This does not always happen in the real world, does it?  In today’s study, we encourage ourselves about what the scriptures says about unfairness.

Anger over Oppression and Injustice

In fact, no one likes to be treated unfairly. We live in an unjust world where things may go awry at any time. And we will be put in tough positions where we have to choose to fight or let go of our vengeance. These questions may be in your thoughts reading through this study.

What should our response be in the face of injustice?

Should Christians never stand up for themselves?

Let’s take some lessons from Jacob and Laban his deceptive in law. We see Jacob in different unfair situations.

Jacob, the conned Bridegroom, Genesis 29: 14-30

Jacob’s tough bargain. Genesis 30: 25-36

Jacob, the mistreated employee Genesis 31:6-7

The runaway son-in-law. Genesis 31: 17-22

The whole time Jacob knew he was cheated. He knew Laban took advantage of his good heart.

Some people will always manipulate situations for their selfish gains. They never come out plain with their intents. They would use others as their pawns and baits.

Journal Prompt

Brings to question how should we respond to family members who exploit our weakness to serve their selfish gains?

Have you ever being mistreated before? How did you handle it?

Why did Jacob stay the while with Laban?

When Laban realized his girls and grandbabies were gone, he took his men and pursued after Jacob. Laban could do nothing to harm him because God intervened.

One take away from Jacob’s action is speaking to Laban about his behaviour. He wasn’t afraid to express his displeasure in Laban’s behaviour when he conned him to marry Leah, or when he wanted him to work longer for him or when he tried to stop him from leaving. Jacob told Laban the truth about his deceitful behaviour.

Not everyone is bold to confront situations without erupting in violence. This takes wisdom and practice over time. I appreciate that Jacob took a different route to handling his father in law.

When it comes to family, much wisdom is needed.

God cares when we are cheated and oppressed. And He is an expert in fighting our battles.

If you ever thought God is slow to respond, then read this 2 Peter 3:9. He responds in ways that are better than what we want.

Journal Prompt

What do we learn from Jacob’s response to being treated unfairly?

Compare his response to Simeon and Levi, his sons, and make your notes.

Dinah the only daughter of Jacob is sexually assaulted by the Shechem a prince of the city. Genesis 34:1-4

There’s no right in his behavior. Now, he wants her for a wife. He came with his father to reach some form of reconciliation or compromise with Jacob. The city proceeded with the terms- Circumcision of all males.

The weakness resulting from circumcision was the perfect timing for Simeon and Levi to unleash their anger. Genesis 25-29

Jacob never supported their killing of the whole city in order to get douse their fury. The Shechemites did not expect the blood bath either.

Journal Prompt

Why do you think Jacob was silent in Genesis 34:12?

What is your response to oppression?

Do you consume things on your path to get over your anger?

When we choose to pay back an injustice we usually do a horrible job at it.

Vengeance will always lead down a path of destruction

Our emotions lead instead and outcomes are more than we bargained. See the prophecy of Jacob over them in Genesis 49:5-7

Why do you think Jacob was disappointed with his sons?

Did you read the awful prophecy concerning Simeon and Levi and how they were scattered among their brethren?

Consider David’s had a similar experience with Nabal in 1Samuel 25. David had every right to be angry.  Nabal was unfair in failing to return a favour.

It’s normal to expect a reciprocation for kindness. When people don’t meet these expectations we feel hurt, disappointed, and used. David was up in arms when Abigail’s timely wisdom interrupted him. David submitted to wise words. God pleaded his cause and David thanks the Lord for it in 1Samuel 25:39

Jesus too experienced the same thing when he healed ten lepers and only one came back to give thanks. If people could do that to Jesus, how about us? Luke 17:11-19

Journal Prompt

How should we respond when others don’t show the same kindness back?

Do you readily lay down your anger?

Do you let the Lord fight for you?

Words of Affirmation.

The Lord is fights for me.

God is fully aware of all that I go through.

Action Plan.

Consider your response to oppression. Choose the path of peace and negotiation.

Don’t always expect people to pay back kindness. We don’t stop showing kindness for the sake of ingratitude. We continue to be good because of God’s love in our hearts and the Holy Spirit that helps to live in a manner pleasing to our Heavenly Father. Galatians 5:22-23

Let God fight for you even when it is incredibly hard to do sometimes.


Dear Lord, thank you for teaching my heart wisdom today. You know my places of struggle and how I always want to defend myself. You know that wickedness and injustice prevail in this fallen world, dear Father, take over my life battles. Help me to consider wisdom in my dealings with people. Help me to tread in the path of wisdom and grace. Help me to give grace and be quick to forgive others where I am wronged in Jesus name.

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