Anger: When Life Stress Presses In
Bible Study

Anger: When Life Stress Presses In

Welcome to Day 5 of our Bible Study on Anger.

Key Scripture: Exodus 20: 1-13, 1 Corinthians 10: 1-4, 1 Samuel 13: 1-15, 1 Samuel 30: 1-6

Devotional Insight

Stress coupled with external pressure from our environment may lead to anger when unmanaged and this can be disastrous. Today, we gain insight from studying about Moses, David and Saul.

Anger over other people’s negative attitudes and life stress

How Hard Are You Striking The Rock?

Oh this is where the enemy sits and waits for us to steam up. Waiting for our words and in our actions he wants to entrap us.

How often do other people drive the nuts off your head?

How often do you find yourself yelling because you seem not to be heard or understood?

If you are nodding, then this is for you.

We can only imagine Moses frustration with constantly correcting a stiff-necked people then more than once pleading with God on their behalf. It is no ordinary thing to be between a nagging thousands and an angry God.

Think for a minute the stress and how mentally and emotionally exhausted he must have been. Sometimes we only see his impatience but don’t recognize his humility taking the insults, doubts and accusations thrown at him. In all this Moses stood as an intercessor between the Israelites and God.

He had called the people rebellious. He spoke from a place of anger. Pushing aside the Lord’s command to speak to the Rock, Moses and Aaron did otherwise. Anger can make us do weird things including despising divine instruction.

Journal Prompt

Why did Moses hit the Rock instead?

Were Moses and Aaron afraid God would disappoint?

Did Moses trust in himself unknowingly?

In their anger against the people, their lack of trust for God, Moses and Aaron failed to glorify God in the sight of the people. They had struck the Rock earlier in Exodus 17:6 and reverted to that method for their current thirst.

God’s Instruction is timely.

God works in different wonderful ways in different seasons and situations. We cannot make God fit into our mould. We cannot contain God into our specifications. You see that’s the error.

We need the Word fresh every day. The manna was fresh morning delivery straight from heaven. Exodus 16:30-35

The instructions for us yesterday may not suffice for today’s troubles.

We are ever in need of His daily guidance. And ever in need of daily His mercies and compassion. Lamentations :22-24  

Bottom line, we need God every single waking day of our entire lives.

God knows what the Israelites are capable of. In fact they made Him angry too.

God understood Moses was in a difficult position of leadership. God already delivered to Moses the fitting solution to the problem. He expected full obedience. Instead something got in the way – anger and distrust.

Journal Prompt

Does it mean God expects us to glorify him when life pressure pushes us?

Does it mean God expects obedience even when we feel angered?

Leading up to this time, Moses had broken the tablets of course in anger and as a response towards the people Exodus 31:18. And Exodus 32:19

This is a pointer that we have got to manage our response to people’s actions no matter how offensive they are to GOD and us. He is God and the only righteous judge.

The last straw was hitting that Rock. That Rock was no ordinary one. It was Christ. God knew that but Moses did not see this.  1Corinthians 10: 4  

He took out his internal turmoil the wrong way.

Journal Prompt

Are you pressured by uncontrollable circumstances?

Was fear and doubt some of the reasons for Moses and Aaron disobedience?

We are to glorify God in all things and in all situations.

Stress is a real part of our lives today. As the pandemic gradually wears down, the after effect of the crisis such as job losses and scarcity, uncertainty of kids education, financial problems, general state of unease, these and more stressors are on the increase.

What are we called to do? We are called to trust God and glorify Him in the midst of it.

Stress can be in form of worry, anxiety, frustration and, anger towards the uncontrollable.

See how Moses reactions made him miss out on the Canaan land.

Our internal reactions to external situations matter to God.

We should be intentional with our response to external pressures of life. Saying no where we need to, leaning more to God’s wisdom and walking in the place of obedience.

We strike the Rock every time we disobey and cave into external negativity and people-pleasing and pressure.

We strike the Rock when we want to glorify ourselves and not God.

When we act contrary to divine instruction we are hitting the Rock, Jesus.

We strike the rock when we speak against the Lord in our thoughts, our words and actions.

In essence, striking the Rock, is saying He isn’t capable of caring or delivering us from a situation.

Journal Prompt

Are you holding on to the peace from His Word at this time?

Where is your heart?

Are you stayed on Christ at this time?

Recommended Book: ANCHORED

It is important your heart is anchored the truth and not the pressure from the news, the social media frenzies etc.

Another person who caved into external pressure was Saul when the prophet told him to wait for the sacrifice to be done by him, Samuel. Saul lost his patience.

Stress makes you lose patience and walk in disobedience. Saul was stressed about how the people would perceive him. He was stressed about image, ego and in our day we call it “branding”.

“What he was” became more important than divine instruction.

Journal Prompt

How can you find encouragement when you are pressured to make a decision?

How do you rise above external press, pull and tugging?

Are you more concerned with how you appear before people than honouring God?

David upon his return to Ziklag he and his men discovered they had been raided by the Amakalites. Their wives and children all carried away captive. Their city burned.

In their frustration and anger, his men thought to kill him. What a mess! These same men had been his allies. They had fought and conquered battles together. Most of them had found solace in David. Now, everyone had forgotten. 1 Samuel 22:2

David certainly was discouraged by their reaction to the situation. But he took a different route to manage the problem.

What did David do differently? He encouraged himself in the Lord 1 Samuel 30:6

He went to the Lord. Sure thing he enquired of the Lord like Moses.

He went on to followed divine instruction the Lord gave him. You see the difference. Moses enquired but he did not commit to following the instruction. And Saul? He did worse. He went ahead to sacrifice to the Lord which was no place for a king but for the prophet.

What can we do different?

How should we respond to external pressures?

Words of Affirmation.

I glorify God in every season and in every situation.

I choose to walk in His way of holiness and not mine.

Action Plan.

Manage the situations you allow bother you

Pray over troubles rather than worry and react

Speak peace in your mind and life regularly


Dear Father, forgive my stubbornness and foolishness to go my way and not heed to your commands. I repent of disobedience. Father, teach me and guide me in Your way of Truth in Jesus name. I speak to every situation pressuring me to go sideways; in Jesus name you have no control and no power over my life, my mind and my choices. I obey the Lord because I love hi and I want to please him. Thank you Lord for Your Word over my life and victory in Jesus name.

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  • Love the journal prompts and reflection. It’s OK to be angry because that’s the Holy Spirit convicting us that something is not right. Even Jesus got angry at the temple when He saw what they have done to His Father’s house. It’s making sire that anger doesn’t turn into sin. I pray for patience, wisdom and unerstsnding during these times.

  • Amen! Today’s study hit so close to home during this season! We are bombarded by stresses from every angle, and then when personal stresses hit us too, it can feel like the last straw. Thank you for these precious Scriptures to remind me that pressing deeper into Jesus is the only way to “manage” that stress. HE is the rock to be our solid anchor!

  • How many times do we go before God and strike the rock. I think it is a trust issue. Great journal prompt questions!

    • 4 years ago

    I love the journal prompts and action plan. The Lord calls us to live a joyful life. This is a great study!! Thanks for sharing .

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