An Invitation To Speak
Bible Study

An Invitation To Speak

Bible Readings: John 4: 23- end Psalm 81:10, Job 22

I spent some time last year on Evangelism as we studied from the woman at the well.

Remember her?

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You know her story didn’t just end at the conversation with Jesus.

She invited the whole city about her encounter.

An Invitation to Speak

When someone receives a touch or an encounter with God, it should not end with that person. It is contagious and should spread like wild fire.

The joy of the experience moves you to speak to others about what God has done.

God needs us to be brave enough to speak.

Brave enough to say the hard things

Brave enough to stand before kings

Brave to march down the lonely path

God needs you to speak Up


For those of us who are too ashamed.

Those among us who pre-judge ourselves,

For those of us who feel uninvited,

For us who think we are not good enough,

For us who fear being rejected

He gives us this invitation to speak!

We speak not only through voices but through expressions of the gifts He has given us.


Someone needs to hear your story of grace.

Someone needs to hear your miracle,

Someone is waiting for you,

To be a Deborah in our generation,

A brave Esther, to stand in the gap

Are you brave enough?


God needs us all…to be His feet, His Hand, His mouth piece, His voice in this dying and lost world.

His invitation is not about you but for Him

This invitation is for those willing to go all in,

all through and all the way with Him.

His invitation equips you, furnishes you and rebrands

your life for the sake of the gospel.

Yes you, one lay woman behind the kitchen sink, praying for others.

Yes you, that single mature lady, helping the sick 

Yes you, the working woman, sharing gospel tracts

Yes you,  in your kitchen, whipping up dishes to help the homeless.

Yes you, singing down the healing rains and droplets of hope

Yes you, the older woman leading, raising and teaching younger women

Yes you, who loves the pen and are crafty with words 

Yes you, you and you have a place.

I am happy to say the Lord has blessed us all in various ways.

We are voices for Him.

We are co-labourers in thee vineyard. Amen

God leads us and we follow.


For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.

1 Corinthians 3:9

An evangelist in your own way, with the gift and grace He has given you, with the mission map, ready full throttle to go the distance.

An evangelist not needing more because He is all you need…

Just say Yes!

Jesus is inviting us all to be partners in the Kingdom to do His work.

He has a portfolio for us all.

It must never be heard that our voice, our hands, our feet, our all is good for everything else but the Gospel!

Skilled or Unskilled, What’s the difference?

We want to ram it in at every opportunity we get that we are too good for this and too inadequate for that..

Why do we emphasize so much on qualification?

When Jesus called the twelve, His leadership style was no doubt not the same as our worldly standard.

The Pharisees were looking for qualifications.

They wanted some form of degree, expertise and training on the subject.

When we do this, we miss out on the nitty gritty aspects of faith.

Your Qualification is the Blood Jesus that justifies you.

Your authority is in the Name of Jesus

Your instruction is from the Holy Spirit who empowers you.

The world wants qualifications to determine your expertise.

God chooses us and our faith determines our expertise in the kingdom.

Faith? You may ask.

Here is how…

We walk with God by faith, we receive whatever we have by faith, by faith we come to place He wants us to be. 

When God calls you up for an assignment, by faith you go the way, not as (un)qualified but as chosen.


Sometime ago, I was invited to speak at an evening service. 

Shhh!!! Don’t tell.

In my heart, was a burning desire to share His Word but half way through that day a battle had begun.

Fear wrestled peace within me. It was pressing hard on the doors!

These women were waiting hear God’s Word but here I was becoming fidgetty.

I was afraid I was goin’ to mess things up.

Will they listen?

Will I make a fool out of myself?

More and more thoughts along those lines harassed me.

‘Me and My’ were getting in the way of God!

Quick Question: Is You, Yourself and Yours getting in the way of the gospel?

The Holy Spirit gently reminded me of this scripture Psalm 81:10 I found peace.

The same way I battled with fear,  may be you are wrestling with fear in other areas of life.

The one thing the enemy does is to play dangerous game of words in our heads.

The enemy wants you to question what God has given you.

Dangerous, friend!


The Woman at the well went straight on to share what Good News she had received.

But we tend to over-process things and question our capability.

Your gifts and your all are for His Glory 

When you start questioning God’s Word you set in motion a cascade of unbelief and doubt.

See the disciples; they had to remind Jesus about what He said of the unfruitful fig tree. If you reread this story, you will notice that they took note of His Word and watched closely to see if what He said had happened. We also like the disciples wait to see before we start to believe! It is sorely dangerous for a believer to watch for manifestation before believing.

We live by faith, we operate by it.

Faith is our live wire.

We don’t wait to see if the words we have spoken through our authority as God’s children begin to manifest. We speak them in faith because we know that they will come to pass especially if they are backed up by God’s word.

Now you see the problem!

When we wait, watch to confirm we open doors to doubt. And what does the Bible say about doubt?

You can’t receive a thing with a doubtful heart.

We believe before we see, that is the principle of the kingdom.

But the world waits to see before it believes. That’s not us.

We don’t operate as the world.

We operate as the Children of Light

The Word is spiritual

The Word is life.

The Word has a purpose.

The Word is Potent.

The Word never fails.

His Word in our lives has a mission

The Word can’t return void!

The Word accomplishes its purpose.

When you believe the Word, it becomes activated to

work in, for and through you.

Listen up here sisters…

This invitation is practical, and would only become profitable when you believe.


The world is full of noise.

We don’t need any more empty noisy vessels.

We need faithfilled women who would share their testmonies and allow God use their gifts.


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Dear Jesus thank you Lord for your mercies. Thank you for the invitation to proclaim your goodness. Thank you for such gracious opportunity to use the gifts you have given me for your Glory, Lord. Give me the grace and boldness to stand before nations and declare that You are the Lord in Jesus name. Amen 

  • Appreciate this encouragement! Thank you so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on this week!

  • Fantastic tips! Thank you so much!

  • This post is so good. I am so glad you shared it at Encouraging Word Wednesday this week because I really needed this reminder that he equips us to join his work each day. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the reminder. God only asks us to be available to share His message. He will give us the words to speak.

  • Yes I agree with Karen! Your words are so inspiring to keep obeying what God asks! I am always so moved by this story–Jesus set her free, & she was so eager to be free with her story.

    • 7 years ago

    Beautiful encouraging motivating post

  • Ifeoma, Your posts are always so edifying!

    Your insight about “waiting” fueling doubt is so very true! I never thought of it that way, but in my own life, I find that to be true.

    There are times when I have what I call the “urge to push” when the Words are coming no matter what. But too often, I think about what I am going to say, especially as it relates to a setting that I’m not sure they will be received well. But who am I to decide that. If the Holy Spirit has prompted me, I must obey.

    Thanks for always giving me something to think about and to act upon!

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