Advent Day 16: With Haste

Advent Day 16: With Haste

And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger. Luke 2:16

They heard the good news. Their hearts received the good tidings.

Their souls where overjoyed. Un-containable joy made their feet run.

Not a run in vain. But a race with purpose. They ran with haste to see the Savior.

How have you received the Good News?

Have you come to see the Savior?

How have you approached the Mercy Seat?

You can’t love Jesus and not show it.

As Christmas dawns, let your heart merry. Let the Joy of the Lord overwhelm your hearts.

May you run with haste to meet the King.

Family Activity: Give someone in your family the Gift of a Bible. Let everyone write something special in the Bible gift.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I come before your presence with heart full of joy. Expecting, Waiting and longing to see you dear Jesus. Let my eyes behold your beauty in Jesus name.

  • Thank you so much. A race with purpose. They ran with haste to see the Savior. Let us follow every single day!

    • Dear Ariella😊😀 is so good to see you. Been ages. Merry Christmas to you 😇🤗

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