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A Word of Hope For Weary Moms

When your kid is the one who refuses to sit when others are seated or sits when everyone is supposed to be on their feet.

Or are you the mom whose kids prefers the choir stand

Or the mom with the kid that plays and dances with the tambourine in the front pew?

The mom who make faces, waves hands, make the hush sound countless times, swing your fore finger with hope that your kid will fall in line…..

Suddenly you realise you are not the only two around, then you watch through the corner of your eyes to see if people are watching.

Yes, you got me! I’m that mom too.

Suffice me to say, I’m not alone.

It is tiring and ladies and I get that too.

When I feel I’m not great at doing my job, then gentle shimmers of grace reminds my heart to see all the good sides too.

She is good in other things. She knows her Psalms, likes to pray, helps with cooking and housekeeping. Did I mention my daughter is also independent?

That’s encouraging, isn’t it? At least we are both achieving progress.

Negative thoughts wear us down as moms, wives and sisters. Those thoughts cripple our physical bodies.


Do you ever feel unappreciated?

Are you physically drained as a mom?

Do you think you are not seen?

For every mom who is weary, you are loved, you are seen and appreciated.

God knows how important our roles as moms is.


He knows you are a huge part of the process in moulding destinies. And that moulding process is the tough part.

We run into difficulty thinking we are cape-wearing superwomen.

When you rely on yourself, frustration and weariness become part of the equation.


But there is hope for all weary moms out there!


There may not be any mom-of-the-year awards hanging in your closet.

But there are precious and priceless moments.

Every time your kids smile at you, they place unfading medallions in your heart.

Their smiles are sparkles of appreciation.

Their laughter echoes the joy in the hearts.

Their hugs express profound love for you and what you do.

So weary mom, do you see you have thousands of medals already.

Don’t be weary of doing that good job.

Do you know the power of the Word in your motherhood?

The Word changes us as moms and our kids too.

Don’t feel discouraged when you are not seeing immediate changes.

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9

Five Practical Daily Tips For Moms

Take your cup of grace and strength from the Lord each day. Pray for the Lord to strengthen you as you tend to the little ones.

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24

Pray for compassion and patience; you will loads of it if your kids are busy hands.


Pray about your parenting and home-keeping every day. Know that it the Lord that gave you this important role of being mom. He will show you how He wants you to do it.

This works for me –>

Speak life over your motherhood.

Pray the scriptures over your children. I lay hands on my daughter and pray. Even bad habits change when we pray and consistently correct them. Be specific about areas you need the Lord to change.

Check Out these resources

Club31 Women’s 12 srciptures to pray over your kids 

Scripture Cards to pray over your children by Kaylene

6 Scriptures to pray over rebellious child by Character Corner


Recognise your kids differ in personalities. Conventional parenting strategies may not achieve desired results. Wisdom to handle each child is essential.


Soul Care for moms. Yes, you need it. Don’t run on empty. When your soul is starved, it reflects in other aspects of life. Replenish in the presence of the Lord.  Don’t wait till you are weary or cranky.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Do a little at a time. Take rests when needed, you are no robot. Ok?


Comment Prompt: What tips can you share? Please add to the list, it can be a life saver…


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for the privilege to be a mom. Thank you for being there through out this journey. I recognise you are over all including my children. I surrender my home to you dear Jesus. Fill me with grace, compassion and strenght that I need to be a mom. Teach my heart each day to rely on you. Help me to experience fullness of joy in my motherhood in Jesus name. Amen.

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