“A Christmas for Us”- Free Family Advent Devotional

“A Christmas for Us”- Free Family Advent Devotional

“A Christmas For Us” Family Advent Devotional Book

Is your email, social media pages littered with gift guides, Christmas shopping lists, heavily discounted products etc?

Are you confused as to what to do this Christmas with your whole family?

The truth your heart needs to hear,

There’s no Christmas without Christ at the centre.

The noise gets louder every year. It is drowning the true significance of Christ Birth in many homes.

The world may have it as a funfair but should we take the season for granted?

I worry that the commercials are teaching our children to look for Santa and elves, to find wrapped boxes under Christmas trees as a symbol of the season.

I am concerned about the endless partying without a single mention of Christ at many gatherings.

Is Christ in the distraction?

Is that the purpose of Christmas?

I don’t know if you have a Christmas tradition as a family. If you do, does your Family tradition in anyway commemorate the Birth of Jesus?

If you don’t, that’s ok! Perhaps you are planning to have one, please make Christ centered.

Two Years ago I wrote this Advent Devotional Set with my dear friend Bettie Gilbert. This year we placed the collection in a neat eBook with 25 Family themed devotionals. All in one place! Start this Devotional today with your family

Why “A Christmas For Us”?

It is hard to come across a devotional that engages everyone. Bettie and I created something with a family theme in mind, hence A Christmas for Us. It has features you will love… seriously.

25 Days of Advent which means it covers the 25 Days of the Advent journey.

  • Daily devotionals are short and meaningful.
  • Daily Scripture reading.
  • Daily Prayer
  • Family Activity. It is engaging with simple activities that your children will love.
  • Journaling Space for family prayer. Write your own prayers together  
  • Journaling corner for thankful notes. Teach your family to count blessings and find gratitude in everyday
  • Journaling space for love notes. Make notes of your reflections.

Watch the video. We are on Youtube! Don’t forget to join our community over there too.

Guess what? We are giving this for free. No sign ups required. Click image below to download your copy.

You are free to share with your friends and family. Let Jesus be the centre of our joy this Christmas.

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By His Great Grace, Ifeoma Samuel

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