7 Powerful Prayers To Help You Deal with Anger
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7 Powerful Prayers To Help You Deal with Anger

21 Days To Overcome Anger and Live a Joyful Life

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Notice how many good self help tips on how to overcome anger are out there. Perhaps you have read tons before arriving here. All these tips are mostly directed towards managing your feelings.

Leading up to today, we have looked closely a, triggers, character and situational Biblical studies, uncovered the root cause of persistent anger and in the last 14 days we have armed ourselves with biblical wisdom to overcome.

Today, I sit here and reminisce on real life issues not with regret but with gratitude for the lessons and changes I can still make.

Are you making changes so far? Are there key takeaways for you?

Think for a while how prayers would have resolved many more issues in your life than anger. Or how praying would have kept you away from unnecessary complications?

What if we relied on prayers than our emotional roller-coaster?

What if we trusted God more?

Today, I share with you 6 Prayers you can make today. I strongly advise you grab a copy of the 7 Days Prayer Tool and order your Study guide so you can use it at any time.

7 Prayers To Help You Overcome Anger

Peace and Joy: Lord, grant me peace in trouble. Help me to trust you instead of feeling angry and beaten down. Wrap me up with your peace. Fill my heart with joy. Let joy flood my soul until overflowing. Let me see your goodness in every situation and bask in the joy of the Holy Spirit.  Guard my heart with your perfect peace and keep my mind stayed on your Word of Truth.

Forgiveness: Lord, grant me a forgiving heart. Teach me to forgive. Teach me to walk in compassion. I want to live above hatred, envy and bitterness. Help me to forgive in the little as well as in the important matters. Help me to make right decisions in difficult situations and honour you above all. Let my relationships be peaceful and loving. I pray you bless my home with your peace. Help me to truly forgive my loved ones that have hurt me in the past. Let me see through your eyes and understand complicated matters with wisdom that you give.

Transformed heart and mind- let me see things your way Lord and not be engrossed by the temporary and fallible things of life. Transform me by your word. Purify my thoughts and my mind. Let me walk as you Jesus. Let me live every day like you Jesus. When I fall, pick me up. When I fail you, remind me I have strength and grace in you. Help me always to look to you for help and grace and not to myself or worldly wisdom.

Gentle spirit- Lord I crave to be a gentle hearted woman, a woman of few words and full of serenity. Lord, I desire my responses come with grace and calm. Let my conversations be full of grace and tempered with wisdom. Help me to be slow in speaking and slow in anger. Let me see the beauty of “slow” and appreciate the wisdom in gentleness.

A wise and understanding heart– I want to become a woman of understanding and wise hearted woman. Make me the woman anchored to the truth of the gospel and unmoved by the happenings in the world. Lord, thank you for giving me a sound mind. Help me to walk in discretion and seek to understand the difficult rather than jump into hasty judgments. Grant me grace to listen to others with my ears and heart.

A Pure Heart- Lord, rid me of vengefulness and resentment. Let me rise above victimhood and enjoy the freedom and victory I have in Christ. Oh Lord, take away the miserable negative emotions of revenge and maliciousness. Grant that my thoughts be directed towards that which pleases you alone. 

A Spirit-Led Woman– Oh Lord fill me with your Holy Spirit. Baptize me with your fire and power. Open my dull ears to hear you speak to me clearly. Remove the heart of stone and give me the heart of flesh to humbly listen and do that which you tell me. Lord, control my emotions in every situation. I hand over my urge for control. I surrender to your Lordship, dear Jesus. Shepherd my heart and lead me in the path of righteousness for your name sake in Jesus name. Amen

I am praying for you too, sister. Not an easy journey but we are going to be better for it.

I created this tool to help you get intentional in your War Room. Praying strategic prayers over difficult situations can be life-changing.

Don’t just work through the Overcome Anger Bible Study add Focused Prayers. 

The Overcome Anger Prayer Tool contains:

Grab your prayer tool guide today.
  • 7 Days Guided Prayer from the study
  • 7 Devotional Summary based on the Bible Study
  • Scriptures for your War Room
  • Journalling Space 

How much does it cost? Get this Printable for $5 USD only. Or better Purchase this Study Guide along with the tool for $15.

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21 Day Bible Study: How To Overcome Anger and Live A Joy-filled Life

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