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7 Common Lies Christian Women Often Believe

What is the biggest lie the enemy have ever told you about yourself?

What lie has he whispered over your divine assignment?

It takes courage to identify and confront the lies you have always believed. Satan presents lies to make your eyes shift away from Jesus. Shifting your focus from Jesus just a bit is more than enough for those lies to begin to yield fruit.

The scripture reminds us to cast down every imagination that is contrary to the word 2 Corinthians 10:5.

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Here are a few common lies Christian women struggle with


Condemnation and Shame.

Do you think you are unworthy or unlovable because of your past?

How much burden of guilt has the enemy laid on you?

Mistakes and regrets deter you from fully accepting the gift of forgiveness Jesus has given. No doubt, we were once strangers to God’s Kingdom. We had walked in sin and all manner of unrighteousness.

But now we are in Christ, His blood has washed away our sins. We are not condemned because His grace has made us whole. Ephesians 2:12-13

There’s no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus. No one can condemn you when you are in Christ. Romans 8:1

Are you in Christ?

Have you forsaken the ways of sin?

Have you turned your back on the world?


Past Wounds, Unforgiveness and Hurt. I know the taste of hurt and the bondage of unforgiveness. Truth is, wounds inflicted on a broken heart remain fresh when unforgiveness remains.

It is a common lie to think you are never going to move past that hurt, or that the offenders don’t deserve forgiveness. The enemy wants you to keep believing that you are too hurt or too angry to forgive.

Forgiveness may not change those who have hurt you or repair the damage done or restore that which was lost but forgiveness definitely changes you. Forgiveness releases your heart to freedom.

Why do you carry these yokes when Jesus says hand them over and bear His? Matthew 11:28-30


Distorted view of God’s Love. Maybe you have said these lines,

“If God loves me, why did He let this happen?”

“Where is God in this bad break up, infertility struggle, loss of a loved one, terminal disease etc.”

“If I do as much good, perhaps I would earn His love”

“If God loves me He would have given me a better life”

Regardless of where you find yourself today, these two truths remain.

First, God is Love and He loves you. God loved us first. We never did anything to receive it. As much as you would like to try, you can never comprehend the love God has for you.

We love him, because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

Nothing can separate you from the love of God not even that condition you are in. God is on your side and not against you. He has promised never to leave you or forsake you. His love isn’t seasonal or conditional. Romans 8:35-39

Second truth is, in every circumstance God is good. He is not good only in the season of plenty and prosperity. He is good all the time keeping His covenant with His people. Nahum 1:7


Worldly Standards. We are God’s people and His Kingdom operates differently. The common lie is trying to get everyone to approve of you. They are not your standard. They didn’t die for you. Jesus did.

You are not of this world.

Are you afraid of rejection?

 Jesus was rejected for being different from the preachers! He didn’t fit into their clichés, their cliques or their ideologies.

It is the deception of the enemy to make Christian women try to live by worldly standards. Our lifestyle and choices can never and should not be the same as the world. We are guided by God’s love. That love operates in our hearts and is expressed in our daily life and our choices. 2 Corinthians 6:14-18


Body Image and other inadequacies. May be you suffer from body image issues, accepting who God made you, low self esteem, comparisons etc. I need you to hear this truth, God made you in His perfect love.

Regardless of the way you look or how you perceive you are seen, you should never forget that you are loved of the Lord. Your heart should constantly live in the truth of the Word which says we are designed and created for good works! Ephesians 2:10

God is our sufficiency. We have everything we need in Christ. Nothing is lacking. 2 Corinthians 3:5

We are divinely crafted to meet divine purpose. God is the Master builder and has created everything including you for His pleasure. You give God pleasure! Revelation 4:11, (Hebrews 10:38)

It is He who works in you to do His will Philippians 2:13


Insecurity. Are you afraid of tomorrow?

Do you live in fear that tomorrow is bleak?

A lot of issues we face as women stem from insecurity. We give into the lie that we need people to give us some sense of security, validation, belonging or worth. A woman who knows her God is secured. She is hid in Christ Jesus. Matthew 6:25-31

Insecurity drives poor decisions either in parenting, marriage, finance, lifestyle choices etc.

How is the woman inside doing?

Are your choices driven by your need for security or by Christ?

Do you have Jesus in your heart?

You are secured in Christ. Outside Christ there is no guarantee.


Unbelief and Self Doubt. Do you doubt God’s ability to accomplish what He has promised?

Do you doubt that you are unable to fulfil your divine mandate?

In the Book of Numbers 13:31-33, you’d notice how the children of Israel spoke of this mind defeat. Not only did they believe the occupants of the land were mightier, they saw themselves as grasshoppers.

They underestimated the power of God to deliver and to save despite the salvation from the hands of the Egyptians. They never saw that God had enabled them to take over.

Ponder on these questions:

How does this relate to the way you view life situations?

Have you abandoned your God-given assignments and gifts for the excuse of not being ready or good enough? 

Does this remind you of areas where you have let the enemy boastfully push you out?

Let me be honest with you, many at times, we only see how big our problems are. We hardly acknowledge how great our God is instead. We take lightly the grace of life given to us. Our strength comes from Christ. We accomplish because He has enabled us. Phil 4:13

God chose you for a specific purpose. He knows your frame and what you are capable of. Don’t let the enemy short-change you of your testimony.

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Praying God’s Peace and Blessings upon you.

By His Great Grace,

Ifeoma Samuel


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