5 Ways to Overcome Emptiness in Marriage

Happily married to a loving man, blessed with a daughter—everything seemed to be going well.
Until, the feeling of emptiness towered down my soul, a vacuum begging to be filled, the gaping hole in my heart exposing an untouched layer that needs to be reached.
I searched deep within … I looked for something … yet nothing seemed out of place, but still emptiness clouded my heart.
Have you ever felt this emptiness?
I understood what it was to be in a happy home, but have the gut feeling that something was missing.
How could I explain my feelings to anyone? What was I going to say? Was I being ungrateful?


Maybe you think so, but until that longing was satisfied, my search was far from over.


Your emptiness could be a bad/good thing, which one is it?
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Today, I share about what that empty feeling could imply. I also share how to fill your heart and longing for something more satisfying.

If you are a wife and have been feeling this way lately, I encourage you to hop over at Messy Marriage where I am a guest today.

Please share your experiences, testimonies and reflections in the comments I hope to see you there shortly.

By His Great Grace,
Ifeoma Samuel

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