4 Meaningful Ways To Get Your Kids Ready For Advent

I remember my sisters and I were always excited about Christmas as kids. In fact, we looked forward to new clothes, shoes, the special delicacies, family visits etc. We looked forward to stories we were going to tell our friends about Christmas.

For us Christmas meant partying, fireworks, loud music from speakers, uncontrolled eating and unrestrained drinking especially our favorites, the list is endless…

But now the commercialization of Christmas has gone ballistic. It is a whole new level.

Now that I am a mom, I am left wondering what my kids would think about Christmas. I ponder on the importance of the things we do at this time without feeling overly critical.

May be our children thoughts are not far from the hype of shopping, the inviting decorations, family and friends gatherings, school presentations, church programs, amid other activities. I can’t tell! But hold on, who are we kidding?

In our hearts, each of us know what Christmas should mean. We know it should be about Jesus. But do we live it out?

Do the activities we engage in line up with what we believe?

Are we reflecting the true meaning of Christmas to our kids?

It is safe to assume many of our children know the story of Joseph and Mary. But many do not know the true relevance of Christ birth. Many children do not understand the purpose of the birth of Christ. Often I hear mom friends say they are too young. But I beg to differ.

I believe educating my children on all else but my faith is hypocrisy. 

Going forward folks, what if we chose a different Christmas tradition this year? 

Christmas is all about Jesus. We should keep this way. When we do things outside of Jesus this season it becomes mere festivity. 

4 Meaningful Ways To Ready Your Kids For Advent

Here are four meaningful ways to help your kids prepare for advent.

Show Them, Jesus. Ensure every day leading up to the Christmas day your children meet Jesus in the scriptures. In our upcoming Family devotional series, every day verses focus on aspect our Lord Jesus. While you share about Jesus daily, try to focus on something He did or relevance of the study. 

Take your children through an Advent Bible Devotional. Choose a different family gathering spot. Sit around the fireplace, on the bed, under the high table if you like. Try our “A Christmas for Us“.

Choose Family Activities that reinforce what they have learnt.  There are lots of activities in this season. You have a lot of ideas to choose from. Let me stress that you choose what corresponds to with your Advent studies, what is pocket friendly and most of all what involves everyone. The upcoming daily devotional includes activities the everyone in the family can do.

Family Advent Prayers. Make your kids pray specific prayers in this season. Find a box and make everyone write a special prayer, add a list of people to pray for, specific needs etc. Choose a specific time in the mornings or evenings to make your prayers.

Miracles happen!

I honestly don’t want your family to miss anything!

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