3 Tips To Help Jump-start a Consistent Bible Study
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3 Tips To Help Jump-start a Consistent Bible Study

Have you tried having a consistent Bible Study time?

3 Tips to help Jumpstart a Consistent Bible Study.

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Are you struggling with life ups and downs?

I get where you are now because like you I also wear many hats. Having a consistent Bible Study routine can be tough in the middle juggling through life demands. I want to share with you useful tips that has helped me grow consistently. You too can build a consistent Bible Study in the midst of life’s busy schedule.

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Here we go… 3 Tips to help you build a consistent Bible Study routine.

For easy navigation, I created a playlist on Youtube channel where you can find all the videos for this course. The vidoes are short and straight to the point. Check out the topics and see if you missed a video. CLICK TO WATCH

Don’t forget to grab The T.E.A.C.H Bible Study for indepth study or RAP Bible Study Journals available for free on the blog.

If you are considering a healthy no-fluff community for Bible Study, I specially invite you to join the Good Morning Girls Nigeria a Private Facebook group for 10 Weeks long Summer study on Psalms 51 to 100.

By His Great Grace, Ifeoma Samuel

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