25 Days Of Christmas Family Devotionals

Gatherings around my loved ones. The gifting, the partying, did I forget the food…by now you know it is my favorite time in the year. All those decorations around the malls and public places.

Oh my! Breathtaking beauty! Christmas brings to life a whole lot of events, memories, adverts, gift lists and ideas, shopping sprees.

What does Christmas season remind you of?

What do you want at Christmas?

What should Christmas be about?

Focusing our hearts on the real reason for the season can be a struggle.

Many shops offer deals and sales. They entice you to buy. They lure you into their attractive displays.

Isn’t Jesus supposed to be the real deal.

I am thrilled to write along side with a precious sister and friend Bettie Gilbert. 25 Days of Real lives. Real Stories. Real Love. Precious Jesus at the center of it.

The 25 Days Of Christmas Family Devotionals comprise of Short devotionals, daily verses, Family activities and Advent prayers.

I invite you to join other families in this journey

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Advent Day 1- An Undeserved Favor

Advent Day 2- You Are Loved

Advent Day 3- Washed And Pure

Advent Day 4- God Is With Us

Advent Day 5- The Joyful Season

Advent Day 6

Advent Day 7

Advent Day 8

Advent Day 9

Advent Day 10

Advent Day 11

Advent Day 12

Advent Day 13

Advent Day 14

Advent Day 15

Advent Day 16

Advent Day 17

Advent Day 18

Advent Day 19

Advent Day 20

Advent Day 21

Advent Day 22

Advent Day 23

Advent Day 24

Advent Day 25

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