21 Days Prayers For Every Wife

Through simple-hearted obedience, God teaches us. I found myself studying and praying through Proverbs 31:10-28 As I gleaned, I penned down prayers in my journal. I desire to share with more women.

Why are we doing this? There are many of us who desire to pray even for ourselves but don’t know the words to say. I have been there. It’s frustrating to want to pray and not sure how to string your thoughts.

Gladly, the Scriptures are there for us. I like scripture based prayers. They help you frame the words and speak confidently to our Heavenly Father. Praying with the scriptures backs up your prayer. In simple terms, you pray with God’s Word with understanding.

 No I don’t have all the answers neither do I know it all. But I am willing to be generous with friends. There is power when we pray together. We believe and encourage one another in our faith walk. That’s what sisters do..right?

It takes grace to excel like the Proverbs 31 woman. It takes God to live that kind of life.  Surely, we are weak without Christ.

You can’t live like Jesus if you don’t have Him.

You can’t get others into shape if you aren’t.

But who says we can’t live genuine Godly lives?

Most certainly we can by His grace

Our lives can be the shinning example of what it means to be virtuous. This Challenge is for every woman who wants to live the life. It is for every heart who doesn’t want just talk about Proverbs 31 but want to truly live it.

I would love for you to invite other moms and friends to join the 21:31 Challenge. Praying for you as we begin this journey together!

What to expect: Easy to read 3 minutes or less prayer devotionals.

How to participate: Pretty simple! Sign up below for free. You will be notified when the daily prayer is up! Otherwise, Bookmark this page to find all the links to the daily prayers.

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8 thoughts on “21 Days Prayers For Every Wife”

  1. What a wonderful idea, to come together in prayer as wives. I don’t fit as I’m not a wife! However, will pray for you and your group as you start on this new community.

  2. Beautiful idea, Ifeoma. I continue to be so amazed about the actual power that prayer gives us to live graceful lives. Oh that we’d remember that often! Blessings, sweet friend. ((hug))

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