Bible Study on 1Samuel Part3

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King Saul has always being the good looking guy.

He was overtly obsessed with what people did, what they said and what they thought.

Chronic People pleaser would always choose people over God.

His weakness cost him the Kingdom.

When God gives us a privilege,

we should be mindful to keep it.

How do we keep it?

Through undeterred obedience.

People-pleasing will cost you more than you bargain for
There is a place for the prophet, the King and the priest. Saul jumped the gun.

Three attitudes made Saul sway

–> What he saw (he was losing popularity) may be he heard whispers
–> He was impatient

Quick thoughts: It is dangerous to think God is being slow to attend to your situation

—>He was concerned with his enemies move  (If you focus on what God has said…you will see less of the enemy).
Sometimes God tests us…Saul failed woefully on the first day out on God’s instruction.
Everytime you step out of God’s will, you will ‘force yourself’…as Saul said to Samuel. 


understand your calling,

your assignment,

your purpose…

know what God has said to you and stay there.

It was one wrong move from Saul and he missed…it was game over. (1 Samuel 13:14).
He began to make mistakes…follow the following chapters as the events unfold.


Another instruction, King Saul disobeys yet again

When God gives you a mandate execute it completely.

Saul’s disobedience made God regret choosing him.

He was greedy, intoxicated by position, power and wealth vs. 9-11.

When met Samuel, he said all the right words to cover his flaws.

He thought using sacrifice to disobey will earn him a praise ticket.

Just imagine Samuel’s disappointment.


You can’t bribe God with proceeds of sin.


God is not man.

He weighs the content of our hearts.

Deceitful people say all the religious words but their heart is far from what they say.

Samuel asked him to recall how God chose him and how far he has brought him. Vs. 17.

Yet Saul’s heart was filled with pride.

He was incorrigible, very defensive, in fact he was a lost cause.


Ponder On this:

Are you always feeling you are right?


Are you quick to your own defence?

Saul had so many attribute to his ruin. He was rebellious and stubborn.

For a leader, it is dangerous for you to be disobedient to God.

His pride was rooted in looking good in the sight of the people.

He was a chronic people pleaser.

After being confronted with his sin he pressed Samuel to continue with him so he doesn’t look bad before the people.


What should he have done?

I have surely heard Ephraim’s moaning: ‘You disciplined me like an unruly calf, and I have been disciplined. Restore me, and I will return, because you are the Lord my God. After I strayed, I repented; after I came to understand, I beat my breast. I was ashamed and humiliated because I bore the disgrace of my youth.’ Jeremiah 31:18-19

If he had repented as the scripture says in 2Chronicles 7:14, may be there would have something done for him. 

But he was defensive, apprehensive and self righteous.

Studying here I realised that some people would rather work hard to keep up with appearance than have the real thing.

Ponder: When God gives you an assignment, forget about people.

In Saul’s case the repercussion was heavy.

See chapter 15:25-29

He was concerned with what his followers would think. His actions meant ‘let’s pretend everything is ok…so the people would keep following and respecting me’. Instead of heartfelt repentance he chose appearance.

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17 thoughts on “Bible Study on 1Samuel Part3”

  1. Ifeoma, you brought such good insight in this post. Praying for God to help me understand and know that which He has called me. We cannot do His will our way but only in obedience as He leads. So simple and yet also easy to miss. Thank you for this reminder today!

  2. I hate to admit that I get impatient far too often with God’s response time. That’s when I have to make a conscious choice between confidence in my resources, including people, or in God’s. Thanks for the reminder that God’s are infinitely better, and always in our best interest.

  3. “concerned with what…followers…think”
    This definitely can be a temptation in our world of social media, to care more about what “our” followers think than what God says for us to do. Ultimately, Jesus has called us to be HIS FOLLOWERS and to bring “followers of God” into the fold. May we come to the realization that He did not call us to amass to ourselves followers. Any “followers” we have are to be seen as gifts from Him and as opportunities to spread the word of God. May the Lord give us the wisdom we need to think rightly about this and to humble ourselves before Him in all things.
    Everything we do is to be for the glory of God. He deserves it! We don’t. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of Lights, with whom is no shadow of turning.” James 1:17

  4. In deed man pleasers don’t go far. I pray to think less of self,what people say & move forward with what brings me closer to God. All of my God & none of me.Thanks for this insight that’ll keep me & other followers to watch our steps.

  5. I know I am made for different things, but I still want to be like others sometimes and to have them like me. Thank you for cutting to the heart of the matter!

  6. It is easy to live our life worrying about what other people think and trying to please them all the time. This affects our happiness and well being. Thanks for the reminder. Visiting from Women With Intention Wednesday.

  7. People pleasing was my life for more than half of it. I didn’t know Jesus in the way I do now. Knowing Him and living for Him instead of others has changed my life and given me such freedom and victory in this life! Great Study, Ifeoma!

    Blessings and smiles,

  8. God selected Saul to become Israel’s first king, because he was humble, and his heart was pure, but soon, the excitement and position of power overcame him and pride, jealousy, anger, hate and disobedience took the Holy Spirit from him. What a lesson for us to continually search our own hearts asking God to reveal even the hidden pride or other attitudes that we need to quit ourselves of and surrender afresh to a good cleansing. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  9. I love what you are sharing here- repentance over appearance- this is so important for believers to realize! Thank you for sharing this post! It was much needed and very timely! God bless your ministry!

    In Him,

  10. Ugh! People pleasing: even when you think you’re getting it under control, it can sneak in in such subtle ways! This sounds like a great study. It’s so important to remember the importance to pleasing God rather than others. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings!

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