How to Prepare Your Heart and Home For Advent (and free Devotional)

It is my Advent Prayer to focus on what truly matters. What truly prepares you for the Lord? Is it the decorations, the queued menu, palatable dishes, glitz and glamor of shopping

carts or the fanciful Christmas tree?
The Lord is passing by your home do you have room
for Him to stay?
Is your heart available for Jesus?Or is it filled
with other things?

Creating Your Home For the Lord
I invite you to sit under your tree or on your
couch, or the front porch. You know what, go ahead choose anywhere serene,
peaceful and not distracting.
Quieten your heart. Reflect on the purpose of
Jesus here on earth and let your heart worship Him.
It’s deep and refreshing to know the saviour of
the world was born for our sake. An undeserved invitation to receive Christ and
to have Him resident in our lives.
Our homes should bask in that glory!
We can’t adequately prepare your home without first talking to the Lord about it. right? Here is a prayer for your home. (Feel free to save image and send to someone too ?)
Prayer For Your Home At Advent
Lord, may my home glorify you.
Let all the sparkles ring your praise.
Let all the glowing lights echo your goodness.
Let every feet welcomed at the door, receive divine blessings.
Let every voice be lifted up in worship.
Let every heart in this home desire you more than
anything else.
Let all the gifts be about you alone.
Let the meal we share at our grace table remind us
of the peace we have in Jesus.
Let every drink pull our hearts to the fountain of
living water.
Let my home reflect the true purpose of your
coming in Jesus name.The graphics below is free for you to print and share.



your heart for Jesus
If my heart doesn’t capture the essence of His
coming as a mom and a wife, my home somehow would reflect that. Everything
becomes about all other things except Jesus.
Dear moms, your heart should be prepared and
focused. Do you know what I do when I run into a jam, when my heart is noisy
and pulled into different directions?
I ask
myself….Is the Lord in this?
This question brings my heart to focus.
It is important to guard your heart with all
Advent is way beyond the gifts, the activities we
line up for ourselves, the cooked meals, the partying, and the trips to and fro
the malls….whatever is on our to-do ’and‘ to-get list!
Jesus in our hearts and home is what truly
matters in this season.
To prepare your heart for advent is to accept
Jesus as the Lord of your life.
It is to choose Christ over the world.
It is to remind yourself of His return and prepare yourself for it.
Yes, the Lord is coming back again, would He find
us ready?Or are we going to be too occupied for Him?

His return would be in an unusual way, like the
first, are you prepared to meet Him?
Get your 7 Day Advent Prayer Devotional for free. It’s for you and your family
especially during the week leading up to Christmas.Thanks to a dear friend Karen Del Tatto
for getting this resource edited.

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15 thoughts on “How to Prepare Your Heart and Home For Advent (and free Devotional)”

  1. You're so thoughtful with the downloads, Ifeoma. The ending of this one sentence captured me: "…let your heart worship Him." "Let" is a permission thing. I simply need to release control and "let" worship have its way. #goJesus Enjoyed the visit via #thoughtprovokingThursday.

  2. "Let all the sparkles ring your praise!"
    Yes and Amen!
    When my boys were small, we used to say that we were preparing our home for Christmas to remind us that we needed to prepare our hearts.

  3. Dear Ifeoma,
    Thank you for the great Christmas Week Devotional! I want to prepare my heart for HIM again this year, and keep my focus on His coming to us! Blessings to you!

  4. Ifeoma,

    Thanks for this! I definitely agree that getting ready for advent and inviting the presence of Christ into our homes is so important at this time of year!

    God bless and Merry Christmas,

  5. I love the prayer, Ifeoma. It is easy to get caught up in all the practical preparations for Christmas but preparing our hearts is the most important thing.

  6. I-Thank you for sharing your stories of JOY! It is in new seasons that we experience Christ like never before. I love your post about remembering the reason for this season. We celebrate the birth of Christ. We take joy in the blessings around us. Again, thank you for your courage to write and press on. Jenn

  7. This last week I was pondering why we make this season so crazy and busy. While reading your post here it occurred to me that maybe the devil likes us to be so busy we forget to quiet our hearts and focus on the real reason we should be celebrating. I will keep working on making the sparkles sing His praise. Thanks!

  8. Ifeoma, this is such a beautiful prayer, and your reminders of how to truly prepare ourselves and our family and home for Advent are so encouraging! Also, I miss you on Fresh Market Friday my friend:) Happy Christmas!

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