When Life Doesn’t Smile Back!

Carefully, I
followed her every detail through the corner of my eyes, as she quietly pushed the door open. I did not want her to
know I was watching. 

With her gorgeous eyes, she stopped a few meters away from
my bedside where I was and glanced at me.

Her tiny feet made an
impression as she took a few steps closer leaned forward and turned her
head slightly so she could look into my eye.
“What was she up to?”

Honestly, I did not intend to offer
her my minutest attention. I was running on tight schedule that day.
But when she touched me ever so
gently, I took my eyes off my laptop and looked down at the little angel. She
gave me a cute wide smile.
I had no choice. My inner
defenses were crumbled, I could not help but throw a smile back at her. Of
course, how could I resist carrying her onto my lap?
The miracle of a baby’s smile!
In her eyes, there was hope,
laughter, joy and peace. Like her, we all give our smile and hope in return
someone would do the same.
The baby’s persistence broke my
urge to ignore her advances.
That same way our persistence
and constant presence, in what we hope for would someday pave way for us if we
just hold on and keep showing up.
Sometimes life never smiles
back. Those times when you crave for the audience of all instead you get one
despite all your efforts.
But we don’t give up even when
life is hard…so hard that it doesn’t smile back.
Your smile is a symbol of hope.
Your smile is a reflection of your confidence in God.
Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great
recompence of reward.
We don’t stop believing that
someday things would fall right way they are meant to be.
You don’t
give up, friend. 
keep smiling.
We don’t stop smiling just
because others don’t return our courteous gesture.
We don’t give up our smiles despite
the attitude we receive on the other end.
We hold in us the power to make
that choice.
A choice of hope,
A confidence in a future,
A faith in tomorrow,
A trust in an unfailing God
All in the miracle of a smile.
Come what may, keep smiling
because you know you need it. Someone’s life needs it.
Like the baby, your smile is
irresistible and contagious. Your smile would pass sparkles of hope like tiny
fireflies and shimmering glaze of the future like sun rays. 

life doesn’t smile back, you hold the power within you to keep the light aglow.
The power that radiates from the One whose face shines ever so brightly upon
His own.
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By His Great Grace,
Ifeoma Samuel.

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41 thoughts on “When Life Doesn’t Smile Back!”

  1. What a beautiful encouraging post. You have reminded me of the healing God is bringing ever so slowly from steps of faith and trust I have so struggled with…steps that have meant pursuing in love as my heart was and is still breaking. But you're right…that this is what we're called to…pursuing others in childlike faith and trust. So love the story you opened with. It so resonated…I could so easily see my youngest doing that.

  2. This is a wonderful post and reminder of how intentionally choosing to smile can make such a difference in our day and in our journey of faith! Love your perspective and reminder of how contagious a baby's smile is to EVERYONE. I would love for you to share your words and heart for Christ on #FreshMarketFriday. It's all about being intentional:)

  3. When life doesn't smile back. Beautiful way to put it. So thankful our smile comes from our hearts, not dependent on outward circumstances. Reminds me of a quote from Henri Nouwen — "We must choose joy, and keep choosing it every day."

  4. Ah, the power of a smile. Love this!! A genuine smile that comes from a joyful heart can turn a bad day completely around. That's been my experience! Beautiful post!

  5. I like that saying when life doesn't smile back. What a different way of looking at that. But instead of being grumpy in return I can smile back and have hope. There is something about smiling that can bring hope. Visiting from tellhisstory #15

  6. I can't help but wonder what causes people to not return a smile, when I give one. I've had to learn since moving out here if given the opportunity to give them a second smile, usually they give it back. Thanks for linking up with Thankful Thursdays.

  7. Good words of encouragement. What I hear more than anything is the choice we have in life. Life doesn't always respond in the way we think it should, but that doesn't mean we are without a choice in how we respond. And when we respond well, the world is better. A smile is a great place to start.
    I'm visiting from FMF.

  8. Oh, yes, Ifeoma! Your smile is a symbol of hope! I so agree with this! We can choose to smile and with that one simple action, we can breath hope into the moment of another's day! Thank you, friend, for sharing this sweet hope with me at Moments of Hope!
    Blessings and smiles,

  9. I love this! I am known for loving smiley faces in my circle of peers since I was a young girl. Smiling is so contagious! It is amazing how fast it fades under the pressures of life. Thank you for reminding to smile more.

  10. "Your smile is a reflection of your confidence in God." What a beautiful perspective! How much more should we smile as we realize this. And I agree with you that it is always a choice, even when we don't "feel like it." Thank you for this encouragement1

  11. The beautiful power of a smile. Yes! I love how our smiles extend invitations of love, happiness and grace. Such wonderful reminders today that when you smile at the world it will smile back at you. Blessings!

  12. Hi Ifeoma, this is my goal too. To be able to smile regardless and in spite of circumstances. To shine God's light so that others could be drawn to Him. Let us lift each other up in prayer so that we can please him always.

  13. Smiles really are powerful… and I try to smile at everyone we meet and make some sort of brief eye contact. You never know what others are going through and how much that small kindness might mean to them.

  14. Oh my, how this touches my heart. A smile is infectious, especially from little ones. But we must not stop smiling because the world doesn't share our thoughts – like a tiny ripple in the middle of a pond, a smile can make beautiful waves. Love the post, thanks for sharing! (Stopping by from the A Little R&R Blog Party)

    ~Taylor-Made Homestead~

  15. You made me think about my face. How it doesn't smile quite as much as it should. I have the joy of Jesus down in my heart. Why don't I let it show more on my face?! I am smiling now, and I plan to let that smile play across my lips all day. Your #coffeeforyourheart neighbor.

  16. Who can resist the smile of a child. Many times the smile from a stranger have lifted my spirit and added a bounce to my steps. I like to think that "smiles are like a nod from God." Keeping smiling, Ifeoma.

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