A Journey of Faith: Aunt Hazel’s Story

of us at one time or the other visited Aunt Hazel’s blog. Today, I
celebrate this woman of faith. It is a long read and encourage you to bookmark this
page, be patient so you will gain a thing or two from her faith journey.
Aunt Hazel
Moon now in her mid 80’s is married to Robert, and raised three children, one
foster daughter and her husband’s brother the same age as our son.  We have 11 Grandchildren and 4 great
was born into a Christian home, taken to Sunday school, and church plus had the
Bible read to me and my siblings each morning. 
the age of nine, God spoke to my heart and asked was I ready to invite Jesus
into my life?  
were no trumpets sounding, just a peace that enveloped me as I asked Jesus to
come into my heart.
the age of 12 while in church, a certain gentleman gave his testimony how he
was baptized in the Holy Ghost.  Just as the
day of Pentecost, he was as a drunken man speaking in tongues all the way home
on the street car. 
speaker called for those who meant business with God, to come pray at the altar.  I came forward and knelt down.  No sooner had I knelt then the power of God
hit me, and my hands went up in the air, and a shout from my lips,
gathered around me and prayed with me until the fire fell and I began to speak
in another language.
friend and I attended Christian Youth Camp where the speaker called for those
who are ready to be committed to read at least a chapter a day from their
Bible.  That night I made a vow and have
kept it except for a few times I was too sick to read.
my Bible reading progressed I came to the scripture in
John 15:16  Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen
you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your
fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he
may give it you.
This was the first time a
scripture enlarged itself – stood out, and shouted at me. I was chosen and I
was ordained.
I can’t say my teen years
were all saintly, but again God kept me from deep sin. 
God removed an unsaved
boy-friend from my life, and shortly afterwards I met and eventually married
Bob Moon.
Years went by and when the
children were grown, we sold our home and moved to Broken Arrow to attend
Kenneth Hagin’s Rhema Bible College. 
That was a happy year.
Returning to our summer
mobile, the Pastor in town invited us to become their Christian Education
Ministers.  After two eventful years the
church grew, but our family in the Bay Area needed us so we moved again,
purchasing a nice home.
Bob took up the reigns in
his roofing business and we prospered, as we assisted in a small new church.
One day at work, my
husband was overcome by carbon monoxide fumes and lost consciousness.  The men managed to get him into the office
where he could lay on the couch.  Some
time after that, he began to loose strength, was extremely weak and could not
We put our home up for
sale and this time shut down the business and moved back to our summer place.
As we had no income, my daughter suggested that I attend a workshop for seniors
needing a job. 
From that class, we
learned to write a resume, and how to answer tough questions on a job
interview.  Of course we were also asked
to apply for jobs, so I put in an application at the County. 
Eventually, I was called
in and hired to work in the accounting department of Family Support.  During that time, we found a small
Charismatic Church who had called a Rhema Pastor, so we began to help. 
Things happened and the church
folded.  I was tired, disillusioned, and
a bit angry, so I decided to attend a “Formal
and just sit.  Well, I can’t just
sit, so when the church had their “Joy and Concerns” I would share a short
story at the JOY time. 
Some told me they enjoyed
my stories.  Then a board member came to
me and asked me not preach and to keep my stories short and only share once a
I complained to my
daughter about the resistance, and she encouraged me to begin a Blog and write
my stories.  This I began to do bringing
all the memories of growing up, raising children, working in a hospital and
then a large office and putting them on the internet. 
As I compiled the stories
into some sort of order to print them for my family, there was enough for three
books; Early Childhood, Raising a family, and the Golden Years. 
Not available in
bookstores as these were all self-published but I have a few copies in my
garage.  Book one is available at
One day, I received a
letter from the Pastor at the Formal church that the committee had met and
decided that I was NOT to share verbally any longer, but I could print my
stories and leave them on the share table. 
God had already been
dealing with me that soon I would leave this church.
My youngest daughter
invited me to go with her to Bethel, Redding, CA and have a counseling session
for direction.  They call it ZOZO,
bringing new life to situations. 
The sweet lady asked me
why I had left my Pentecostal roots, and I responded. I also told her God is
asking me to leave and find an alive church. 
She urged me to leave anything that is theirs, and take all that is
mine.  So my search began, with visits to
several churches. 
Oh Lord what will I do, nothing seems right? 
Then on Face Book, a
friend mentioned a church I had not considered, so I visited. This was a leap from
one end of the Formal spectrum, to the other end almost a Rescue Mission.
The worship was great and
the service informal, with people walking in and out with coffee, as the
preacher ministered. 
Prior to church the
homeless enter the kitchen area where coffee and donuts are available. (I began
to bring loaves of fruit bread.)  A
potluck was advertised in the bulletin for after church.  Actually it is not normal church pot luck,
but a free lunch for those who stay, provided by the Pastor who shops in
quantity each month.
I began to attend the early
Sunday Bible Study and make comments when there was an opening.  The teacher told Pastor that I should share
the prophecy I had given that morning, so I was asked to do so.
A group of Christians meet
every Wednesday to pray over our city and I began to attend, as the Pastor gave
a short focus.  The next meeting, I
e-mailed the Pastor asking if he had a focus and if not I had something.  He said, “Go for it.” He said he appreciated
me assisting and it gave him some free time.
My daughter wanted to take
me again to Redding for my birthday along with a couple of her girl
friends.  We attended to the Friday night
service, and the Saturday morning Healing rooms each of us requesting prayer
over physical needs.  While there, I
purchased a book by a current Prophet James Maloney that stirred my
A friend introduced me to “I
love to Read” where they offer Free E-books and discounted books.  Many tell of supernatural encounters with the
Living Jesus.  My spirit has been

I am approaching my mid 80’s but God is not through with me yet.

About the Author

Hazel Moon is married to her sweetheart Robert;
they have 4 grown children and 11 grandchildren.  She is a retired minister, and also retired from working as
an enforcement officer for the County.  She and her husband graduated in 1977 from Rhema Bible Training Center and they have worked with small
churches encouraging their growth. While the children were growing up, Robert
was a Roofing Contractor and Hazel was his right hand assistant; keeping his
books and office running smoothly.  When Robert retired for health reasons, they moved to the
town of Oroville, California, where they now reside with their two dogs.  Hazel is active in her local church encouraging
others to daily seek God’s face.  She began to blog in 2010 with the encouragement of her
daughter to write her memoirs.  These have been compiled into three self published books.  Hazel continues to write encouraging posts on her
blog and her desire is to inspire others to set their sights high in Christ

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28 thoughts on “A Journey of Faith: Aunt Hazel’s Story”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing Hazel's story with us, Ifeoma. It's one of perseverance in her faith and that inspires me in this present moment that has its hindrances and challenges. It's much-needed!

  2. I love the young heart of those who have walked with God for years. Such faith to trust that God sees beyond our age and looks to the willing open heart longing to serve. Miss Hazel is a testimony to His faithfulness and beauty.
    Thanks for sharing her story!

    • Hey Dawn, great to see you over here. Aunt Hazel is married to Robert who is also a great story teller too! I am privileged to share her story here, Dawn.
      Thank you for reading and taking time to leave a comment too.
      God Bless, friend

  3. A sweet story of how God is never finished with us. I often fret that in my 40s, I am too old to be pursuing writing! (I know… silly, right?) Looking at Aunt Hazel's long life of service reassures me!
    Much love,

  4. It is so good to hear this at this time. The church I was at recently split, and my family and I found ourselves looking for a new church home. It is not easy, but sometimes God moves us when He needs us to be somewhere else. I'm so glad for Hazel's encouragement. Thank you for sharing this with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂

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