7 Things to do When Life goes from one Trouble after Another

In my tired and confused state, I asked, “Lord, what more could go wrong?”
Was it the broken laptop, the wifi connection that went off or the electricity cable that didn’t choose a better time than in winter to burn out or the refrigerator stopped working, or the bad driver that crashed into our parked car, or the bills and more bills that needed attention….an endless list of things going wrong and all at the same time.
On each occasion I asked, “Lord, what more could go wrong?”
What is your own picture like? 
Is it sickness, hospital bills, police issues, fire incident or a burglary or overdue house rents or bonds or kids school fees?
Is your life going from bad, pretty bad, to very bad and worse for you?
Do problems seem to holds hands like a long chain and walk right into your life?
These life events that befell me gave me a clearer picture of what Job went through.
Bible Reading: Job 1:14-20
In one day his world and everything he had lived and worked for would collapse.
Definitely, he had no prior knowledge of what stood ahead of him.
Like every other day, Job, probably began his day checking out his cattle farm, taking stock of his farm produce, attending an elders meeting, taking a walk in the evening through his farm lands…
Suddenly, BOOM!! BOOM!!
His life was thrown into chaos,
His life’s work fizzled away before him,
His children, he was to see no more,
No one would call him father!
Like a bomb that goes off, his world came crashing down.
One bad news-bearer came after another to relay a tale of woes.
In all these things Job knew,
God saw what he was going through
God’s hand was in it all!
Yet not for one day did he deny God.
In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly   Job 1:22
I don’t think I am a better person than Job!
In the face of difficult adversity, Job withstood his own wife who asked him to curse God, deny the faith or take his own life.
Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity?
Curse God and die. Job 2:9
Job persevered. He held on to the God whom he has seen work mightily in his life.
Job could see hope even if no one else could see it.
If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time
will I wait till my change come.   Job 14:14
I want to be a person like Job who would trust God even in the face of death. I am not there yet but I am growing to become one! 
What do you do when life goes from one set of serious issues to another?
Be mindful your words. You should be careful of what you say when life throws you banana peels on the highway. Never confess negative words. You can read more here
Be Prayerful. I confess my thoughts were in total disarray. I couldn’t settle down to do a Bible study. Something that came easier was prayers. Prayer is the Master Key
Change your perspective. When you see your troubles as distractions from God’s divine plan it is easier to grasp the fact there is a blessing that lies ahead of you. 
 Distractions gives you a reason to magnify your troubles.
Don’t magnify your problems; instead magnify God who has given you victory over them.
View those issues as an attempt to distract you from where God is taking you!
Don’t lose sight of where God is taking you.
Don’t lose the blessings God has prepared for you.
Don’t miss your next step into your miracle.
Don’t worry: It is hard to say, but there is nothing productive that comes from worry. Worry never solves issues but rather it magnifies them. Do the opposite of crying and sadness- laugh, smile, pray, sing, listen to good uplifting songs.
Hope and keep hoping:  Don’t ever give up hope! It may be hard, it may get harder, but there is joy for you in the morning after Psalm 30:5 and Job 14:7-9.
One gentle step at a time: Like that old hymn, “One day at a time Sweet Jesus”, don’t attempt to do all your problem-solving in one day. Take time and sort issues out as they surface.
Eventually, God cleared out the fog clouding our break through. It was the dawn of a new beginning in my home. The storms didn’t last forever. Amen!
Encourage yourself: People may not give you kind words when you are going through rough patches, find encouragement and nourishment in God’s Word.
My friends scorn me: but mine eye poureth out tears unto God  Job 16:20
Now is time to activate your faith and put all your Bible study into action that yields results.
Confess and declare God’s Word. Don’t be discouraged by words you hear people say. Act in Faith.
3 Prayers for those Troubles-filled days
PeaceLord Jesus, calm every storms that threaten to take away my peace. Let every
distractions of the enemy be met with your peace in Jesus Name.
DeliveranceFather, deliver me from the mouth of the lions and the jaws of the dogs. In any
area where I am held captive, I break free by the power in the name of Jesus. Psalm 22:20
Open doors. Thank you Jesus for opening doors of abundance and miracles in Jesus name. Let this situation push me into my next level in Jesus name.
Comment Prompt: Have life thrown you into a wave of troubles? What is your testimony? Please share your testimonies so others can be blessed.
By His Great Grace,

Ifeoma Samuel

55 thoughts on “7 Things to do When Life goes from one Trouble after Another”

  1. What a great word of hope, Ifeoma! I love this post and plan to share it today!

    I really like this line from your post, "Don’t magnify your problems; instead magnify God who has given you victory over them."

    It is so easy to look at our problems instead of at our Savior!

    Oh, how I want to keep my focus on Him today~

    Came over on Soul Survivor.
    Hope you have a blessed day~

    • Hello Melanie, thank you for hopping over to read.

      Losing sight of God's Word opens doors to distractions. We have to intentionally hold tightly to God's Words.

      Thank you for your encouraging words Melanie and God Bless

  2. What an encouraging post, Ifeoma. Reading Job lets us know that we are not alone in the challenges we face … and things could be a whole lot worse.

    Trusting for a super week for you!


  3. Hi Ifeoma! Speaking words of truth to myself is always helpful to me in the down days. I really appreciate your thoughts of not worrying and take one step at a time. What else can we do? God's got it all.
    Great post!

    • Very thoughtful Leslie.
      The disciples must have been disappointed but their weeping didn't last long.
      Their joy came soon after *Resurrection*.

      Thank you for visiting. It is so nice to meet you.

      God Bless Leslie

  4. You've discovered the key–don't magnify your problems, magnify your God! I love this! All too often it's tempting to complain and whine about life's situations–that's when I need to praise God the loudest!

  5. Ifeoma, a post filled with encouragement for us all. When hard times hit, may we hold onto the One who is always holding onto us! Glad to be your neighbor at True Story this morning. Blessings!

  6. Ifeoma, there have been times when I related to Job's situation where everything felt like it was crashing down and closing in. Worry came easy and negative thoughts bombarded. But it was prayer and praise that turned my heart around and reminded me God was with me in the storm. Praying His presence surrounds you and He fills you with His peace.
    Thank you, Ifeoma for sharing your heart at #IntentionalTuesday on Intentionally Pursuing. : )

  7. What a fabulous post! I am currently finishing up Job in my daily bible reading. He is definitely a fantastic example of keeping our eyes on God through all the circumstances. What is striking to me is that He never was told or explained the reason for his trials. However, he saw God so much clearer after everything and God blessed Him! I am truly encouraged by your post and I strive to keep my eyes on Him when I do not understand the circumstances around me! Thank you for sharing. I'm glad I found your site on Intentional Tuesday! God bless you and yours!

    • Dear Horace, reading the Book of Job, not only does it share a story of hope, it shows the power of Divine Restoration. Everything we think we have lost will be divinely restored if we hold on like Job.

      I appreciate your visit and thoughtful feedback Horace.
      Thank you for sharing this post too.

      Loads of Blessings to you

  8. Crazy thing… I ended up back here today! This is the second time I'm reading this post this week!

    Thank you for sharing words that God knew I needed to read again!

    I kept seeing the quote yesterday, "But if not… God is still good."

    Job's life challenges mine! Oh, to be steadfast and faithful no matter what!

    Came over on Little R and R.
    Hope you have a blessed day~

  9. So much wisdom, Ifeoma. So much wisdom. Thank you.
    This was a gentle and full reminder of Truth. Job, his example is inspiring though I know I have a ways to go to be as faithful as he was. Thankfully, the Lord does not give up on us. Thanks for the reminder to reread this story of faith and deliverance.

  10. Great Post! I think in times of trouble I have listed on a chalkboard in my kitchen all the things that God has recently done. This helps me to remember the ways that He has already made and I am able to trust that He has everything under control. Visual reminders like this helps me to have the right perspective.

    • Hello Tona, how have you been?
      I love that! Remembering God's faithfulness keeps our hearts in check.

      You are right about visual reminders friend.

      Thank you so much for joining the discussion.

      God Bless Tona.

  11. WOW Ifeoma ! I can relate – but it was many years ago. One thing after another and my hubby and I finally realized we were under attack from Satan. We decided to do a simple thing each morning before he left for work. We held hands and made a declaration: We said, Satan you take your hands off our business, our household and our family and leave us alone. Jesus we thank you for your protection and no evil thing can come upon us as we claim your blood as a covering. God was faithful and there was peace. Agreeing together does work. I like your illustrations too. Watch your words and don't worry are my favorite. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

    • Awesome Aunt Hazel, thank you for sharing your testimony.
      There is in Power in the Name of Jesus to break every plans of the enemy.
      Thank you for the prayer you have shared too.

      Precious Blessings to you.

  12. Your description of burdens and troubles is clear and true. Great encouragement in your post. I have had a time when my thoughts were in disarray and it was hard to read the Bible. And prayer was my avenue. I poured out my anguish in prayer. I kept talking with God. We can ask questions. The Psalms offer an example of communicating with deep emotion. I was very grateful for a couple Christian friends who came alongside to encourage my faith.

    • Those are usually very difficult times Carol, I can relate with your experience.

      I am so glad you had some Faith-filled friends to encourage you.

      But in everything we go through as believers, the Lord will carry us through.

      Thank you Carol, it is such a blessings reading from you.

      Many Blessings to you and Be encouraged.

  13. Love this, Ifeoma. Such a good reminder to keep our eyes focused ahead, and not look around too much. Liked your challenge here: "Don’t magnify your problems; instead magnify God who has given you victory over them." 🙂 Thanks for sharing. <3

  14. Wonderful words, Ifeoma. Job's relationship with God is what I want for my life. He was so devoted even during the most horrible times, I pray I can have that much faith when the time comes. Thank you for linking up with Thankful Thursdays.

  15. Thank you for this beautiful encouragement this morning. I love the hope in the message and the reminder to persevere in our faith. Job is the perfect example and if I could even be a little like him, I would be doing well. Blessings my friend!

  16. What a wonderful encouraging post Ifeoma and I so appreciate you sharing it with us at Good Morning Mondays. I am almost up to Job in my yearly reading and I am looking forward to it. Blessings

  17. Ifeoma,
    It's been a long week in the hospital and I have more time to spend in here. Danny and I are doing well. He's been awesome.
    We were told yesterday that I have Cancer near the bone of my left ankle/foot. We aren't sure if they will have to do surgery or f they can just go in and remove in with a probe.
    Either way, I start Chemo again.
    I am in a good place right now.
    How are things where you are? I really enjoyed this post. The timing was awesome.
    Love Sarah

    • My dear friend, I am truly sorry to read this.
      I can't imagine what you are going through but I hold you in my Prayers,
      It is well with you and Danny.

      Do not fret my dear Sarah, God will give you something special. I know He is with you and Danny.
      Many Blessings to you friend.

  18. Praise God that nothing is impossible with Him! Praise God that He gave us the example of Job for us to realize that trials are for our ultimate good and God's glory. May we have the patience and faith of Job to draw closer to God in the valleys as well as on the mountaintop. Thank you, Ifeoma, for this beautiful and inspiring post and for your lovely comment on Saved by Grace.
    God bless,

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