Be willing to be Vulnerable

willing to be Vulnerable

When we open ourselves to receive God’s
words we enjoy the intimacy we desire. To be unveiled is to delicately give
over your most closely guarded heart into the gentle hands of our lord. It means
to allow yourself to breathe as you share your heart and thoughts to Him who
loves you just the way you are.
When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable,
we take the risk of being broken but sweetly, molded but carefully, strung together
but with all our shattered pieces made whole.
When we open the doors of our hearts to
experience God’s love we are free not keeping anything or any area of our lives
away from him.
I love this; you can enjoy intimacy
with anyone fully without first enjoying intimacy with God.
Are you ready to be an unveiled wife?
I will like to share this beautiful acronym
POCKET’, I adopted after reading
Jennifer’s Book:
Be willing to Pray
Be willing to Obey
Be willing to Change
Be willing to seek Knowledge
Be willing to Embrace Love
Be willing to enjoy Tranquility that stems from an
intimacy with God.
When you enjoy intimacy with God you
will enjoy an intimate relationship with your husband. You will come to
understand that your husband can’t fulfill all your needs.
Only God can fill you, make you whole
and give you peace.
Transparency in marriage is a fruit of intimacy
with God. In God’s original plan, a man and his wife are transparent, vulnerable
and naked before each other. There is nothing hidden between them until sin was
And they were both naked, the man and
his wife, and were not ashamed.
Genesis 2:25
When they lost their purity, they hid
from God and eventually lost their intimacy. Sin makes us hide away from God
and from the person we love.
And he said, I heard thy voice in the
garden, and I was afraid, because I was
naked; and I hid myself
Genesis 3:10
Can you see that?

Put God at the centre of your marriage.
Hide His words in your heart and obey him. Seek to please God in every area of
your life.
“When a writer takes a risk and steps out of her comfort
zone, then she is willing and wholeheartedly prepared to impart lives for good”
. Please read my review HERE.
I enjoyed being a part of this exciting
Book Tour.

Read my review HERE.
Download a free Copy of the First Chapter HERE.
I recommend you grab a copy of this amazing book.
How transparent are we before our
spouses? Please leave your sweet comments below.

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12 thoughts on “Be willing to be Vulnerable”

    • Thank you so much Susannah. Oftentimes, we are too afraid to let God into all areas in our lives. I hope we all learn that there is a blessing when we totally yield ourselves to His will.
      God Bless.

  1. What a great message of intimacy. We desperately need to be vulnerable and open before God. And then our husbands. Looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for sharing, Ifeoma. Connecting from Purposeful Faith. Blessings to you!

  2. Ifeoma, thank you for posting this review at Motivating and Rejuvenating Mondays! This seems like an excellent book, and the author certainly has a wonderful ministry. I am excited that the book is being marketed so well, in order that many more wives can be introduced to it. Marriage takes a lot of hard work, but it takes a lot more of Christ. And it all begins with a relationship with Him, where we put him first. God bless!

    • Yes Letetia, Jennifer shared her marriage story and I am glad to be one of the women reviewing this book.
      True Marriage is Work! Putting God at the center of our marriage is the best and only way to be at peace.
      God bless and thank you so much for your kind comments.

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