Exclusive interview with Ngina Otiende, and Book Review

Meet Ngina: Ngina is married to her best friend, Tommy. I love being a wife but my husband and I did not have a smooth start in our marriage. Though we loved being married to each other, we encountered bumps and blues in the early days. We thought we were the only ones but later learned we were not, many young couples go through the same adjustments we were going though. But like we did, they often think they are the only ones experiencing such bumps.
We are passionate about enlarging people’s capacities through education, entrepreneurship and partnerships. This has spurred our support and awareness for projects close to our hearts (here’s a link to our charity page). These projects include but not
limited to, marriage conferences and a children’s orphanage.  My writing focuses on helping newlywed and early wed wives understand how to navigate the early marriage blues and bumps. I also enjoy reading alongside writing, exploring new sights and places with my husband. I like good food especially African food and ginger-cardamom tea!
How Did Your Passion For Marriage And Singles Ministry Begin?
 It all began from my local church where I led cell groups, which are a bit like mastermind groups. As a single lady, I mentored other single sisters and together we learnt how to live for Christ, grow and enjoy single-hood, be witness for Jesus and generally live a happy impactful Christ-centred life. When I got married, my passion graduated into the marriage ministry owing from my marital status. I still do some work around the single’s ministry. But now, I realise to a greater extent thatone needs to be healthy and Christ-centred before venturing into the marriage institution”.
How long have you been reaching out to married
couples? Please share a most heartfelt testimony with us.
My husband and I soon after we were married, began working with “intending couples”. Our work includes mentorship, marriage
counselling before and after wedding. Before relocating to the US, we had organised many marriage retreats through our local church in Kenya. Our biggest joy has been testimonies shared by our mentees and attendees on how our work including breakfast meetings, retreats and counselling had a lasting impact in their relationship. 
How did you become a writer and when you decided to get published?
I have been writing since I was 13 years old. I have many unpublished manuscripts and poems. I always wanted to get published. Over the years I heard and read-up on what it takes to get a traditional publishing deal.  I could not wait for that long; it looked like
such a hustle! This does not imply, I am not open to traditional publishing. My Blog experience set the stage for my book. I have a message that needs to be heard and I had to get it out. Hence this book!
  Why this book, Blues to Bliss? Any special inspiration? 
Yes, my husband and I walked into marriage with many happy expectations. The truth
is we (permit me to use, I) expected to have all the bliss and happiness of a glorious relationship without the accompanying work. I did not know “a good marriage takes a lot of work!” We soon hit honeymoon blues (those challenges and adjustments that come when you are start doing life with another person). This is the inspiration for the book “Blues to Bliss“. I want newly wedded wives to know “honeymoon blues don’t signal the end of wedded bliss”. You can push through the blues and find the bliss God intends for you.   
 How does it feel, releasing your first book?
 It feels amazing. Also a bit terrifying because I love excellence (someone might call it perfection!) but releasing a book is anything but a perfect process. The end product is rarely perfect; there’s always something we could have said better, done better! But I am learning to “let it go” and trust God, that He will reach those that He wants to reach and my imperfections will not hinder His message. 
Your Blog is power packed. How has your experience been so far?
 Thank you Ifeoma, it’s a blessing to hear that. The experience has been great, God has been good.
He has inspired wives, changed hearts, corrected and rebuked, encouraged and lifted up, through the blog. I am just happy and honored to be a vessel. I have also learned so much about myself and marriage. To be able to teach and help others, God often has to deepen you. I am grateful that He’s used the blog to deepen me and challenge me in my life and marriage.
Writing and family how do you cope?
Well, it’s a learning process and I haven’t perfected it yet! But often my work day
ends when my husband walks through the door in the evening. Other times, I get to wake at night and catch up on things that need to be done. But as I have worked on this book, especially the last leg, I’ve had to put in many extra hours, sometimes working into the wee hours of the morning. As far as “balancing” is concerned, it’s more of principle and values –led; family first (after God) and everything else after. That’s the outlook I keep.
What advice for upcoming Christian women who would like to be authors?
 Allow God to tutor your heart first. You’ll never be perfectly whole, but before you step out to help others, you have to allow God to help you first. That means going through challenges and difficulties (I wish there was an easier way to learn!) and allowing God to perfect His purposes for you without quitting on Him and the dream He’s put in your heart.
Get ready for hard work! I’ve mentored and helped upcoming authors and many of them are astounded at the amount of work and effort that goes into writing a blog, let alone a book! But I tell them that they won’t get good in a day, but they have to start somewhere.
The thing is don’t look at all the distance you have to travel, just look at the next step you need to take and be faithful there. That’s how I wrote this book and I write the blog. One day a time, one chapter at a time, one post at a time. I have learned (still learning) not to worry too much about the future and what I will do tomorrow. 
Absolutely plan, but don’t be so consumed with tomorrow that you forget to work today. Also, never forget that it’s not your message, it’s not your ministry, it’s not your book. It’s God’s. Everything you do, everything you are should point to Jesus, not yourself.
 What next after this?
I am already writing my second book, which is for singles. After that I have drafts for my third and fourth book! I have other plans that are not directly related to writing, more in the line of our vision for enlarging people’s capacities through education, entrepreneurship and
partnership. My husband and I trust God for more resources in order to do what is in our hearts to do.
 Ngina Otiende is the Author of the newly released book, “Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily-ever-after in the Early Years”. In the book she talks about her early marriage challenges and how God transformed their relationship through intentional effort and grace and how wives can change the dynamics of their marriage. Book is available on Amazon!

Ngina blogs @ IntentionalToday.com, where she equips the early-wed wife with tools and resources to create intentional happily-ever-afters. Connect with Ngina on Facebook, and Pinterest 
 Here is the BOOK REVIEW

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