How To Face Your Fears by Katie Reid

I am very glad to host KATIE REID on my Blog today. I enjoyed reading this article and it will uplift you too.
Please settle in, read, reflect, pray and share your comments. God Bless.
My daughter and I attended a gymnastics meet at the local university. We were mesmerized as the athletes leap over the vault, spun around the uneven bars, and soared  through the air during their floor exercises. The coach gave each gymnast a pep talk before their routine. I imagine that they reminded them to focus, breath deep, and remember their training. They ended with a fist bump and “You’ve got this.”
As I watched one of the athletes get ready for her event I noticed that her hands were shaking. She looked nervous and unsure of herself but she charged ahead when her time came to compete.
That’s when it hit me. The gymnasts practice facing their fears and have learned to compete, in spite of feeling afraid. They don’t let fear stop them from doing what they were made to do.
They put in the time day after day to improve their skills but there is a still a strong element of risk, uncertainty and fear as they approach each apparatus during a meet.
Even if they are confident in their abilities, they realize that something could go wrong, they could come up short, or their body might let them down.
But they forge ahead anyway. They are committed to their goal. They are focused on what is before them and they are driven to do their best.
How many times do I avoid something because I over-analyze the risk factors or focus on my fears? Of course, it can be a good thing to be cautious, but lately my cautious outlook has crippled my forward motion.
The heavy weights of “what ifs” are “who do you think you are?” have kept me from living free. The news, the reports, and the suffering all around threatens to paralyze my purpose; to live fully for Jesus, delighting in His company and following His ways.
What if we practice facing our fears by choosing to go forward, when we are called? Ready or not we spring ahead and give it our best. We put in the time day after day and choose to listen to His instructions and flex our faith muscles.
We still might feel afraid but we decide to follow God’s Word anyway, to trust His voice, to breathe deeply and focus on what is set before us.
•  Has He led you to travel to a far off place or to get to know your neighbor better?
•  Has He told you to forgive a loved one once and for all or to forgive yourself?
•  Has He asked you to move or to stay?
Whatever lies before us, let’s face it…knowing that we can do it because God is cheering us on as we face each challenge.
About the Author:
Katie Reid is the Tightly Wound Woman, a recovering perfectionist who fumbles to receive and extend grace in everyday moments. She delights in her husband, four children and their life in ministry. Studying God’s Word, writing, singing/songwriting, photography and cut-to-the-chase conversations are a few of her favorite

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16 thoughts on “How To Face Your Fears by Katie Reid”

  1. What encouraging words! Yes, sometimes my fears keep me from doing things. It's not healthy because some of those things could be God's will for me! Think of all the heroes in the Bible! If they let their fears get in the way, they would have missed God's purpose for them.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is the second message about overcoming fear that I've read today and this girl needed to hear it in preparation for speaking at an upcoming event. Thank you for your insight Katie. Blessings!

  3. Oh, Katie, from one tightly-wound woman to another, I so get this. I hear His call, but I think myself out of courage. Your words here say it all: "…but lately my cautious outlook has crippled my forward motion". Perfect! Thank you for bolstering me and unwinding me a bit with your message.

  4. Katie, what a wonderful insight! It reminded me of a time a few years ago when I was cast in the lead in the play, The Glass Menagerie. I'd never had a lead part, and it was a hard part to play-something like 8 monologues. I never felt comfortable in my character, and I never felt confident. I was afraid the whole time. And I prayed against it a lot, but it was always there. But I did it anyway. Lots of people gave me compliments and affirmation, but the fear remained. I never really quite understood why I felt that so strongly-the fear, the insecurity, the lack of confidence–but I understand that gymnast thing-I plowed through it anyway. We are in a constant spiritual gymnastic meet, it seems! We have to always exercise courage. And I, like you, am also adventurous, like you said on your own blog. I think sometimes the two go together. The more adventurous we are, the more fear we have to face! But we move forward anyway, knowing that God's got this! Great post.

  5. Such an inspiring post today, friend. I noticed the same thing as you with a woman who frequently speaks at our church. She never seemed nervous to me, but then one day when I sat toward the front I noticed her hands shaking just slightly. Like you said, she learned to face her fear. Thank you for pushing me to keep bravely stepping out, even when I'm afraid. Lovely post.

  6. Thank you for these words. I feel fear has been a theme of my life. Facing my fears, or having my worst case scenarios happen – and then to be found still be standing and breathing has released me in many ways. God is always faithful, but sometimes He must prove Himself to us weak-minded people.
    Thanks for your words today! God bless. 🙂

  7. This speaks to me today, "What if we practice facing our fears by choosing to go forward, when we are called." That's as simple as it really is, isn't it? When He calls, we just need to move. Regardless. Often easier said than done for me, but if I take the time to look back on all the times before He has gone before and prepared the way, never leaving or forsaking me, it makes taking that leap easier. Even if my hands are shaking. 😉 Love this. xo

  8. Such encouragement here. Personally, God and I working though a forgiveness issue I've held onto for far too long regarding one particular person in my life. I'm thankful I don't have to tackle it alone. And I'm thankful for encouragement like this. So glad to know you on this big ole internet, Katie.

    • Kristin- I too had a big forgiveness issue- for 10 years I held on to it, but once I honestly faced my fears God met me right there and helped (and is helping me) walk in freedom. Keep working through it. The book "Total Forgiveness" was very helpful in the process. He died for our freedom.

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