Exclusive Interview with Kate Battistelli

Interview with Kate Battistelli

Let’s Meet her;

is an
‘empty nester’. I am the happily ever after wife of Mike for 31 years now. I’m
the mom of recording artist Francesca Battistelli and Mimi to Franny’s two
children, Eli and Audrey Jane. I live outside Atlanta, Georgia and I write
about God, food, family and hospitality.
Before becoming a Christian, I was
an actress and singer in the New York Broadway musical theatre world. I toured
for nearly three years in the Broadway National Tour of The King and I
playing Anna opposite Yul Brynner as the King and it’s where I met my husband
and we ‘fell in love across the footlights’.

I am the
author of “Growing Great KidsPartner with God to Cultivate His Purpose in
Your Child’s Life
” and published by Charisma House.
As a blogger, I blog about food and
faith @ KateBattistelli.com. You can
follow me:
Pinterest and
My second book, The God Dare, will be released
Spring 2014. 
 I enjoy reading your blog. It is a balance of
everything. What prompted you?

I actually started my blog about
8 years ago and at first it was a food blog called “The Kitchen Princess”. My daughter was moving away from home and
wanted my recipes so I began sharing them online.
After a few years, I realised
although I love cooking and developing recipes, I also loved to write about
God, family, mothering and hospitality.
So two years ago, I revamped my
blog and renamed it katebattistelli.com so I could write about whatever I wanted!
You don’t look sixty. Is there
any secret to this?

You’re so
sweet!! Actually there is a secret: be intentional with how you live. Be
careful what you eat, exercise every day and develop your spiritual life
More time spent with the Lord means a less stressful life!

My favorite
post on your blog is 60 lessons you have learnt in 60 years. What is your most
heartfelt testimony from your blog?

love that post! It was fun to write but probably the most meaningful post I’ve
written .

one that’s had the most impact is called “When God Allows What He Could
. It was inspired by a family I know who was dealing with a very
serious health issue with one of their children. It was devastating for them
and it really made me think about why sometimes God does not answer our
prayers, why sometimes God allows in His mercy what He could prevent by His
power. It’s hard to see mercy in those situations but sometimes His greatest
mercy is wrapped in His deepest test. Here’s a link to read it: http://wp.me/p3YKuj-14p
What is your most challenging
experience as a Christian?

toughest thing I’ve walked through is dealing with infertility after having one
child. I’m the woman who wanted 5 kids and all the crazy that entails but God
saw fit to gave me one daughter.

she was young, I didn’t know what God’s path was going to be for her but as she
grew older and I saw where God was taking her in Christian music, I realised
just why He’d only given us one.

was opening huge doors for her and she needed our full attention to be able to
walk through them. She’s done amazingly well in the contemporary Christian
music arena as God has opened door after door. The years have given me a
perspective I didn’t have when I was younger.

What is your
most victorious moment(s) as a Christian woman?

have to say coming to the realisation that God wants me to love Him for who He
is, not for what He gives me. It took me many years to get there and a long
season of wandering through a spiritual desert but I made it eventually!

I had the awe-inspiring
opportunity of reading your book. It is amazing. How long did it take you to

book took a year to write. I thought it would take me a couple of months until
I actually started writing!

What is your inspiration and how
did your writing journey begin?

inspiration is what I like to call a “God Dare”. About four years ago my
husband and I were asked to speak at a homeschooling conference about how we’d
intentionally raised our daughter to find her purpose and live out her destiny.

sat down and started making a list of the actions we’d taken to raise her to
pursue the Lord and go after her dreams. We came up with 15 things and gave our
talk a few days later.
following day I was praying and thanking God for those 15 things and I heard
the Lord say clear as a bell in my spirit, “Those are book chapters.” Now, I
never considered myself a writer and I gave God every excuse I could think of
but I kept hearing “Those are book chapters”, clear as a bell. So, I found a
writing coach and started writing.

I’ve learned is this:
If God calls you to something,
especially if it’s something too big for you, He will equip you for the task.
Our part is to obey and His part is to equip! And lo and behold, I not only
wrote the book, I was able to get it published!

Please share
some testimonies from the book that really moved you.

many parents, moms particularly, don’t know how to find out what their child
may be called to in their lives. I’m always glad to hear from a mom who’s been
able to dig deep with God and then begins to get a vision for her child’s life,
to grasp the fact that her child has been born for a purpose and with a great
of us are raising world-changers, we just have to believe it!
What is your
advice for upcoming Christian women who would want to follow your graceful
main thing is to pray. Pray about whatever it is you want to do 
and be
open to new directions. I never prayed to be a writer but because God
specifically called me to write, I’m now a writer!

have my own blog and I write monthly for five other blogs. Who would’ve
thought? If you are called to write, then write. It doesn’t matter if you have
a blog or a publishing deal.
matters is that you are faithful in the small things and as you write, even if
your writing’s not where you want it to be, you WILL get better if you keep
doing it!
How do you
spend the most of your time and family life now?

husband and I have our own business in health and nutrition which keeps us busy
at home and travelling.

I try to write every day and work on my blog or on articles for the blogs I
contribute to.

love to cook so you’ll often find me in the kitchen trying out new recipes.

house is about to go on the market and we’re hoping to sell it (we live in the
Atlanta area) and move to Nashville where our daughter and 2 grandchildren
live. Hopefully, I’ll be spending time packing up my house in the months to
What next
after this?

working on my second book called The God Dare based on my story above.
What’s a God Dare? It’s a spiritual
 It’s God’s yes, His cosmic smile and nod of
the head, His holy high-five, beckoning you to believe, to take Him at His
word, to once and for all let go of fear, worry, pride, and strife, step out of
the boat and say yes to His yes!

the book, I show lots of examples from the Bible and also from real life, of
what a God Dare looks like and what steps to take when you believe God has
dared you to do something way outside of your comfort zone. I also hope to do a
cookbook at some point.

Thank you for the most
valued and precious time here

You’re so welcome Ifeoma! Thank you
for having me and may God bless you and all your readers! 

Please you can go over to Kate’s


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