Materialism: The Silent-Trigger- for Divorce

There are a
lot of reasons why divorce is increasing among Christian homes. Materialism is
indeed one ugly reason why many Christian homes are ending in divorce. The pressure
of wealth, power and fame in this modern generation, have crept into many
homes. It is a silent distraction that easily goes unnoticed.

Unhealthy competition
coupled with unhealthy associations may be a contributory factor. Apostle Paul
warns us in II Corinthians10:12 of people who compare themselves with themselves
as being unwise. To what extent do we go for our pursuit of fame and success? Many
homes suffer because we tend to rate material acquisition higher than family

 As a Christian wife, what is your response in
times family financial struggle?

Do you still expect to have your same wants
met at all cost at the expense of top priority needs? How do you react when
your spouse loses his job?  Your man in
this position needs your unwavering love, support and encouragement. Please don’t
look down on him just because he can’t meet some of your needs. 

This inability
not to provide for his home weighs him down even more than you think. Talk tenderly
more than ever. In such situation, many a man tend to snap out more often, they
become more sensitive and may get more withdrawn.

Prayers changes
situations, so more than ever pray for your spouse. In these circumstances, wisdom
and prayer is essential. You can also seek advice from Christian marriage counselor
or get help from your pastor.
Only a selfish,
an inconsiderate and insensitive woman will walk out of a marriage just because
her spouse can’t meet all her needs. 

Don’t be an overly- competitive person. Most
times people put up a front and many things you see are not what they really
are.  Be yourself and enjoy your home. 
test of a real woman is during trying times

There is something to be grateful
for your spouse despite the situation in your home.

On a final
note, what the scripture says about divorce is greater than what any guide book
will tell you. 

Please don’t entertain all sorts of non-scriptural reasons for
considering a divorce.

 “I hate divorce,” says the LORD
God of Israel. (Malachi 2:16).


I pray God gives you the wisdom to keep your home in Jesus Name

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