Child-Like Heart: Forgiveness

Learning from children: A forgiving heart

As a child, I remember eating, sleeping and playing most of the time. Well kids have no bills to pay, lol! Watching them play makes me happy while I drift into beautiful thoughts.

God expects us to be just like them, completely trusting him for all our desires to be fulfilled through him alone

Them, kids are always full of joy. Children often forget when we as their parents offend them. They quickly snap out of it because they know we do love them and want the best for them. 

They are innocent and of a pure heart. In days when we were younger, it was easier to forgive people who have wronged us.
Why is it so difficult now?
The devil parades himself in our thought lives giving us countless reasons why such people shouldn’t be forgiven.
The amazing grace of Jesus in our lives is a story of God’s forgiveness despite us not deserving this.

We say the Lord’s Prayer but many times ignore the condition in the prayer.  And Forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us” Matthew 6:12. 

 Simply put, I ought to forgive those who offend me no matter what they’ve done so I can receive God’s forgiveness. 

Nowhere does God guarantee its going to be easy.

He only requires us to make that conscious effort to forgive others. 

Hmm, thought provoking isn’t it?

We aren’t perfect so we rely completely on the Holy Spirit who is our helper and is faithful in all circumstances.

 Go on and live a life of forgiveness so you can have an extended life not a life burdened with un-forgiveness and bitterness.
God Bless

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