8 Steps To Get Your Toddler Started On Memory Verses.

 As a Christian mom it’s your responsibility to lead your children to God. I am an advocate of starting early or catch-them-young-approach.
My daughter is almost 3 years can recite all the verses of Psalm 127.
Once a toddler can speak clearly it is easy to teach simple Psalms and memory verses. Here are the few ideas.
–> Make sure the environment is quiet with little distractions. This will improve the concentration level. Don’t teach the child when s/he is almost asleep. Do it when there is a lot of excitement so they get interested and stay that way.
–> Pray together before you start and when you are done.
–> Make your child reads after you. Saying short tenses slowly while
the child listens is a good way to start. Make sure he/she has attention
focused on your mouth so they can pronounce correctly.
–> You can use a bible version with simplified English words (you can try NIV or NKJV etc). This makes it easier for the child to understand what s/he is memorizing. You can also use colorful bible for kids.

 –> Try to explain how ever you can the meaning of what they are
reciting. Well don’t be hard on yourself when they seem not to comprehend, with
time they will.

–> Stay on one memory verse for a couple of weeks. Remember they are young saying the scripture over and over again for several days will help them remember and start reciting on their own.

–> Encourage them to recite to your hearing while you correct their

–> Applaud with a treat to encourage the good work done. Show him/her you
are proud of how far they have learnt the verse.

Hope this works for you.
Thanks for reading God Bless.

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