20 Ideas for a stay-home-mom

Work while at home and have funI have friends who just got married, have few kids and do not know what to do while sitting home. It’s great to be a stay-at-home-wife. You have your “me-time” in the midst of all the to-do-list.
Keeping yourself improved is worthwhile when you are not thinking of returning to your professional life soonest. It is a great time for self-discovery, self-polishing and self-evaluation.
One of the great secrets of successful people is doing what you love and getting rewarded
for it. So try your hands on things you passion for. I call them “the-housewife-mini-projects”.
Here are my ideas on what to do when you feel less busy.
     1.  Gardening. Watching and making crops grow is a great way to relax,
pray, and still make so profit. During financial hiccups, a vegetable garden
can help you save some coins.
      2. A small animal farm is also very engaging. Your kids could also get involve thereby giving the family an activity to do together.
      3. What if you are a decorative person? Try your hands also on interior decorating. A few classes to up your skills is advisable. Of course, it is worth it if you look forward to earning from it soon.
4. Do Wardrobe make-overs. A stylish person can also do some wardrobe restoration job for friends and get paid for it. If you are good fashionista you can work from home. Dress your clients, restore wardrobes and be a good shopping aide for executives get appropriate wears for upcoming events.
     5. Knitting and Crocheting. A more private person can do crocheting and knitting for kids and
sell your ware at the local store.
     6. Cooking. You can be a small-party-go-to-person. Small birthdays, dedications family get-togethers for friends and get paid. It is stressful to be a contract cook but if you enjoy cooking, what the heck? You can do it and succeed.
Having a small homemade food kitchen around the house corner is a good investment. People will always eat anyway especially homemade food.
    7. Baking world. There are many opportunities for pastries-making. If you have the
talent is a profitable way to make money. There are so many how-to-do’s on the internet
so get baking.
    8. Event planning and management. It’s also time involving but you can do small-time events planning and work from home. The internet serve as an indispensable tool these days, so get prepared.
     9.  Having a club. It is a good way to relax meet people and not necessarily make a lot of money. A book reading club, women clubs, environmental clubs etc.
     10.  Internet Jobs. There a lot of stay-home jobs over the internet you can also explore more ways but be very
careful of scams over the internet.
     11. Sewing. This is a beautiful and fruitful way to also invest your time. If you have skills in sewing it is time
to put yourself to the test. You can start with upgrading some clothes and also making cloths for yourself and your kids. It is money-saving, fun and you could start selling some stuff.
      12. Studying from home. This is engaging and worthwhile. There are many degree programs, short courses and
distance learning courses you can participate in while you are home.
   13. Volunteering. Join in volunteering or better still be an active member of your favorite Ngo (non-profit organisation). It is fulfilling to help those in need with your time and talents.
    14. Prolific reading. You can proof-read articles and get paid. You can also read for pleasure or for self development.
       15. Prolific writing or drawing. Do you enjoy writing? There are many organisations waiting to pay for good articles these days. Spread your tentacles. Write for your local newspaper on your favorite subjects; write a novel or a book; write on blogs or websites etc.
      16. Photography. Why not take a course to sharpen your skill and get paid for it.
     17. Painting freaks. Here is a good way to make yourself relaxed, while you can also make some cool profits.
    18. Enroll in an art class. Learn pottery, drawing and other skills
    19. Make your own wares. Make homemade sauces, perfumery, flower bouquet etc.
    20. Church activities. It’s a good time to invest in your local church and contribute your quota to the growth of
your local assembly

I hope you liked my list? Do you have any more ideas for Stay Home Moms? 
Please feel free to add it in the comment section below.

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