11 Secrets that will Drive Your Spouse Closer to You

I have always liked my good old grand-mothers’
advice. I may sound conservative but come to think of it, it did work in their
days so why not get check it out?  If the
new ways are leading to more home break-ups, let’s go right back to the scriptural
basics. This is not a comprehensive list of things you have not done but a list
of very important things you are more likely to overlook as a wife;

Always pray together. We share
the same bed so why not pray together first thing in the morning and last thing
at night. Like the old saying “a family that prays together stays together”.

Submission doesn’t mean you are silly. It only means you are wiser Colossians 3:18. For the bible to
recommend this for a marriage success then it is paramount in making it successful.
Throw out 50-50 love in a marriage; it is all of you or nothing.  You talk too much. It’s time to guard your

Husbands take what their wives say seriously.
Don’t let the sun go down on your anger. Settle differences amicably. You may not settle in the heat of an argument
but try after you have cooled off and listen to his view on the issue before

Most times arguments result from mis-communication and not listening
to the other person. Don’t argue with your spouse to win but to learn. If he doesn’t
see things from your perspective give him time. Sometimes men are too proud to
say “honey, you know you are right” but they may say it in other ways.
Please improve yourself. You may not
have all the money but invest a little in yourself. Don’t be shallow in
thinking. Expand your horizon. 

Read books on various topics that add to your
well-being as a person. Know relevant issues going on around you rather than
being a local gossip.

 Be neat
and decent always.
Keep your hair tidy. Please don’t wear your pajamas all-day.
Smell good always. Watch your weight and go for regular health check-ups.
Don’t ignore your family meal times. Cook nice meals and if you don’t know how to cook is never too late to
Serve your husband as
the king that he is in his home. Share food sometimes from the same bowls. Eat popcorn
together or any snack of your choice together.
Always have him-me times together. Kids
will always be there and will eventually move out. So invest in your relationship
with your spouse so when kids move out you don’t feel empty.

Accept good criticisms. When he
says he doesn’t like the way e.g. you are dressed, just ask nicely what he
thinks you should wear. I know sometimes we want to have our way as women. 

when you shut him up, he will never say what is bothering him or give you an
honest opinion about an issue. In essence, this drives men away from their
wives and making them rather stick to what makes ‘you’ happy.

Please don’t take each other for granted. Don’t act as if he were as common your friends in your eyes. Respect
him and speak well of him even in the presence of your family and friends hang out
I really will not take kindly to anyone talking down my husband with the
purpose of bringing me and my home down.
Be wary of sharp-tongued friends. Those who are keen on fault-finding. Chances are they are envious of
your own home. Godly friends will correct in love and not bask in your mistakes.
It’s a privilege for you to be married to him just as it is for him to be
married to you.
Don’t ignore your romantic gestures. It will surprise you how far it goes. Give some out and receive some
more in return.

Remember God is the only guide to a
fulfilling marriage. Put God first then your husband next.
Please add some more to this list in the comment section.
Thanks for reading and God
bless you.


5 thoughts on “11 Secrets that will Drive Your Spouse Closer to You”

  1. I have a heart for happy marriages, so I love this post. Love them all, but especially #9. My husband and I have found that when we go out of our way to show love and appreciation with our words it keeps us close. It also helps keep us focused on what we love about each other, rather than the less pleasant things. Thanks for the post!

  2. Hmmm. I loveee this post, reasons. It was written on my birthday and it reaffirmed so many positive things about marriage. It was so sweet and perfect post on a special day in my life. Am blessed and will never forget what I have read by God's grace.

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